Serbian leader furious over blocking of Russian minister’s visit

After Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s flight to Belgrade was blocked, President Aleksandar Vucic complained that Serbia was being put under excessive pressure amid anti-Moscow “hysteria” in Europe.

đÉirspace was closed for Russia

Aleksandar Vucic told Serbia’s state-run Radio Television on Monday evening that he had never seen such hysteria against Serbia as was sparked by the announcement that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov would visit Belgrade.

The visit was eventually canceled after Montenegro, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, which support EU sanctions against Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, closed their airspace to block Lavrov’s flight.

“Of course, we have to express our dissatisfaction. First of all, I have not seen such hysteria in Europe and in the world for a long time as little Serbia has been subjected to because of Lavrov’s arrival. You can’t believe the pressure that was put on Serbia because of this visit,” Vucic told RTS.

He accused the EU of hypocrisy for refusing to cooperate with Russia, as Lavrov will soon visit NATO member Turkey.

He complained that Serbia is being condemned for not complying with EU sanctions, while countries like Germany are still buying Russian gas.

“What has Serbia done wrong? Have we done anything wrong or is it just our refusal to be part of the pack that gives someone a headache?” he asked.

However, in the same interview, the Serbian president reiterated that his country’s goal is to join the EU.

North Macedonia, Montenegro, and Bulgaria, all NATO countries and Serbia’s immediate neighbors, closed their airspace to the official plane that was to bring Lavrov to Belgrade on Monday.

Lavrov said the decision by the three countries to close their airspace was “unprecedented” but would not affect Moscow’s good relations with Belgrade.

“Something unprecedented has happened. A sovereign country has been deprived of the right to pursue a foreign policy. Serbia’s international activities related to Russia have been blocked,” Lavrov said.

It is becoming obvious that those countries that want to be in a democratic and peaceful world must break their relations with Russia. It is impossible to have any relations with a state that is recognized by most countries as a terrorist.

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