Shooting in Russian military unit: terrorists or riot of mobilised men?

On October 15, there was a shooting in a military unit in Belgorod. Russian mobilized men, who did not want to go to Ukraine and get killed, suddenly rebelled.

The Russian Ministry of Defense promptly reported a “terrorist attack”. The ministry said that two citizens of “one of the CIS countries” committed an “act of terrorism” at a training ground in the Belgorod region. 

As a result of this shooting, 22 soldiers were killed and a dozen wounded, according to the local reports. The attackers were shot dead as well. According to the ministry of defense, the attack occurred during a shooting practice for the men who “volunteered” for the war in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, sources of Channel 24 told what really happened in the military unit.

Who actually shot Russian mobilized men?

According to the source, the mobilized men lived without food, water and in anticipation of imminent death on the battlefield. Commanders humiliated them. The situation worsened when the mobilized men learned that they would be sent to the front on the morning of October 16.

The prospect of joining the extremely dangerous battle in a matter of hours frightened the mobilized Russians. They even began to rebel and killed their commanders. Punitive squad arrived at the military unit. They eliminated the rebels.

Who were the mobilized soldiers who started the riot?

This time the authorities made two migrant workers from Tajikistan “guilty”. They were working in Moscow and received calls to the army there. They came to the military commissariat to explain that they were foreigners. However, they could not be released.

In October, the Tajiks found themselves at the training ground. They took part in a riot there, and were shot dead, while the Russian military leadership is talking about a “terrorist attack”.

Mothers of the mobilized men appeal to Putin 

Mothers of the mobilized men have started complaining. They filmed a video appeal to Putin, in which they asked to return their children from the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia. It should be noted that the relatives of the mobilized still do not understand that it was the Kremlin dictator who sent their loved ones to certain death.

According to the women, the mobilized men were threatened, and the petty officers robbed them of their uniforms.

Here are quotes from the appeal:

“Our guys did not sign up to be thrown to the front line. Our guys were going to defend their territory, their Bryansk region.”

“The whole organization of the mobilization was wrong from the beginning. Situations were such that they were thrown into the occupied territories without training.”

“Three weeks of his (son – ed.) mobilization was just yesterday, Friday, today is Saturday. Why is he already weeks in occupied territory?”

“We already have a wounded man who was taken to Rostov.”

“It’s just a betrayal that they’re going in there unprepared.”

“The officers of Soloti’s unit are threatening the mobilized with criminal liability for not refusing to go to defend our Bryansk region. They refuse to be cannon fodder for them.”

Anyway, relatives complain about the officers. They say they threatened their children. Moreover, the mobilized men were robbed. So they were left without equipment. And in such conditions of “excellent training” soldiers from Russia are sent immediately to the front in the war against Ukraine, where they very quickly fill in the statistics of losses.

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