South Korea promises unprecedented response to North Korea nuclear test

The President of South Korea explained how his country will react if North Korea conducts a new nuclear test. According to Yun Suk-yol, there will be a strong response, Reuters reported.

The president said that South Korea and its allies, the United States and Japan, would react to North Korea’s nuclear test with an unprecedented response.

South Korean president appealed to China who has influence on North Korea

The South Korean president also called on China to fulfill its responsibilities as a permanent member of the UN Security Council: “There is no doubt that China can influence North Korea, and China has the responsibility to participate in this process.”

In addition, Yun Seok Yol noted that China’s actions had increased defense spending in the region’s countries, particularly for Japan. It also led to more significant US military aircraft and ship deployment.

According to the President, it is in the interests of China itself to make every effort to influence the DPRK. Instead, he noted that it is highly unwise for North Korea to conduct another nuclear test.

North Korea’s nuclear threat

The media wrote that the dictator of North Korea is trying to create an army with the world’s most significant number of nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un said that this is how he allegedly plans to counter the “nuclear threats of the United States.”

The North Korean leader also said their goal is “to possess the world’s most powerful strategic force, absolute power, unprecedented in this century.”

Before that, the dictator conducted the sixth ballistic missile test in less than two months. For the last one, Kim Jong-un brought his daughter, who was seen in public for the first time.

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