South Korean fighter jets in the sky

On November 4, about 200 military aircraft of DPRK were spotted in the airspace.

They were found in different areas of the airspace.

South Korea’s response

According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS), North Korean planes were spotted in the sky between 11 am and 3 pm. They were:

  • in the airspace within land borders of the country,
  • off the west and east coasts.

It was all like a show of force.

In response, South Korea took to the skies about 80 fighters and stealth jets, including advanced F-35 fighters.

Activation of the DPRK

This is not the first day in a row that North Korea has attracted attention. For example, on November 2, North Korea launched its first ballistic missile across the sea border of South Korea towards the Sea of ​​Japan. Subsequently, it became known that at least 10 such missiles were fired.

Also, North Korea reacted very negatively to the joint exercises of South Korea and the United States.

North Korea continues to threaten the entire world, and the recent nuclear weapons tests were supposedly a warning to Washington and Seoul.

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