Storm Shadow hit Russian targets in Crimea

A British missile destroyed the Russian command post of the Black Sea Fleet in Verkhnyosadovo. 

Representative of Ukrainian Intelligence, Andriy Yusov confirmed a missile attack on temporarily Russian-occupied Crimea. “Ukrainian forces are targeting military facilities of the Russian invaders in temporarily occupied territories, including Ukrainian Crimea,” Yusov stated.

About the Black Sea command post

It was a Ukrainian military facility before Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. After the occupation, it was transformed into a Russian reserve command post of the Black Sea Fleet. 

The command center has several buildings on the ground and a well-developed communication system. It also has bunkers.

Advantages of British missiles 

The Storm Shadow missile is specifically designed for such targets. The missile’s 450-kg warhead consists of a leading penetrating charge that creates an entry point, followed by the main fragmentation and blast section that detonates inside the target.

The Storm Shadow hit Iraqi targets in 2003, Gaddafi bunkers in 2012, Syrian chemical warfare plants in 2018, and ISIS caves in 2021. They can destroy very well-protected military targets.

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