Switzerland moves toward supplying Ukraine with weapons

According to a May 12 report from Euronews, the Swiss parliament’s two chambers have approved an amendment to the War Material Act that will permit future arms shipments to Ukraine.

The transfer of firearms and ammunition from Switzerland to nations engaged in armed war was formerly prohibited.

Switzerland has routinely refused requests from nations like Spain, Germany, and Denmark to give Swiss-made armored vehicles and ammunition, notably ammunition for German Gepards, to the Ukrainian Armed Forces because of the nation’s neutral position.

Switzerland categorically declined in March to assist in the reexport of weaponry to Ukraine. But in recent weeks, Bern has come under more pressure from its Western allies, who want the government to provide Ukraine with more support. Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, condemned Switzerland for being neutral and using its veto over the transfer of weapons.

EU nations currently intend to provide weapons to Ukraine, but their stocks are running low. Furthermore, Ukraine hasn’t yet received all of the weaponry and ammunition it ordered from Switzerland a few years ago.

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