Russian Federation is preparing to invade Moldova

Russia’s attack on Moldova may take place as early as the beginning of 2023.

The Russian Federation plans to invade Moldova in early 2023. This was stated by the head of the Information and Security Service of Moldova Aleksandr Mustiatse in an interview with TVR Moldova.

The official noted that several scenarios are being worked out, according to which Moscow will try to invade Moldova.

“The question is not whether the Russian Federation will launch an attack on the territory of Moldova, but when it will happen: either at the beginning of the year – in January-February, or later, in March-April.  Judging by the information we have, the Russian Federation has no intention of stopping.  Its goal is unification with Transnistria, a territory that is part of Moldova, and then we can definitely say that yes, they intend to get here.

What will happen next, what are their intentions towards Chisinau – we cannot judge, but this is a real and very high risk,” said Oleksandr Mustyatse.

The head of the SIB also reminded that Kolbasnia (Moldova) has the largest ammunition depot in Europe, which is well guarded by the Russian army.  According to one of the hypotheses, these ammunition will be used in a military confrontation.

Russians control unrecognised Transnistria

In occupied Transnistria, where the Kremlin plans to create a land corridor through the south of Ukraine, the largest ammunition depot is located. It is located in the village of Kovbasna, Rybnytsky District, near the border with Ukraine.

Soviet ammunition is stored in the warehouse. Thus, Kremlin propagandists, after provocations by Russian special services with explosions in Tiraspol, are actively spreading information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are allegedly planning to gain access to the warehouse due to a lack of weapons.

Warehouses in Kovbasna appeared in the 1940s.  The main part of the ammunition was brought there after the withdrawal of the USSR troops from the former GDR, Czechoslovakia and other European countries.

Kovbasna is located near the border with Ukraine

Currently, according to various estimates, there may be from 19,000 to 21,500 tons of ammunition: shells, aerial bombs, mines, grenades, cartridges.  The explosion at the stockyard in Kovbasna can be compared to the detonation of a 10-kiloton nuclear bomb.

It is assumed that about 57% of the inventory is past due for use and transportation.  The mass media also reported data according to which some of the weapons and equipment were exported or destroyed.

On April 25, explosions rang out in the capital of the occupied Moldavian Transnistria, which turned out to be a planned provocation by the special services of the Russian Federation.  Its purpose is to create a new excuse for an offensive.  According to Ukrainian intelligence, three days before the explosions, Transnistrian separatists were preparing for the “operation” and had set up a protected and comfortable bunker.

Even earlier, the Russian Federation announced plans to occupy the south of Ukraine and create a land corridor to Transnistria.  At the same time, Western experts doubt that the occupiers will be able to do this.

Transnistria is a region of Moldova controlled by pro-Russian separatists. The Russian Federation has been keeping about 1,700 of its troops there for over twenty years.  Part of it is part of the peacekeeping forces, they also guard warehouses in Kovbasna.

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