The mysterious death of intelligence agents in Italy and possible Moscow traces

A mysterious boat crash on the picturesque Lake Maggiore in Italy killed a former Mossad intel officer and two former Italian intel officers. Authorities believe the accident was caused by bad weather.

The boat capsized on Lake Maggiore Sunday night, killing four people in the wreck. According to Italian authorities, it was an accident. The boat was overcrowded, carrying eight people above what was allowed. A total of 18 former or current intel officers were onboard, The Telegraph reported.

Nino Abesadze, an Israeli politician and MP, spoke on an Israeli state channel where he said that the dead Israeli and Italian special agents planned to spy on Russian oligarchs involved in buying drones in Iran for the use against Ukraine.

Israeli military analyst Yigal Llevin gives his assessment of what happened in Italy:

GRU and Russian agents in general, have woven a nest of their own in Italy and neighbouring Switzerland. This allows them to easily get involved in covert activities, buying and selling arms to Iran, and nuclear (!) technology transfer to Iran.


A wife of the yacht’s skipper, 50-year-old Russian citizen Anna Bozhkova (who also drowned), was a Z-patriot and ran pro-Russian social media channels.

The yacht, where Israeli and Italian agents decided to celebrate the birthday, was rented through a simple booking service, without any additional checks.

Mossad is now busy helping its Italian colleagues to sweep their country clean of GRU nets and agents. But it is also obvious to the child that after this incident all Russian moles have gone deep underground. Fortunately, the skipper is alive and is already being questioned about his dead wife and her connections, and what else she was up to besides “tourism”.

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