The new “military drone” of the RF is Chinese household quadcopter

The Russian concern made a drone from Chinese spare parts, calling it its own development.

The other day in Russia, the Almaz-Antey concern, a manufacturer of various military equipment, presented its next development in the form of an unmanned quadcopter “Dobrynya”, presented exclusively as a Russian development. 

The new Russian product

The NTV channel talked about the new product in detail the day before. It was mentioned in the story that the device is made of Russian components at the Obukhov plant in St. Petersburg. It was claimed to have taken four months to develop and was “composed almost entirely of domestic components”. 

However, they quickly found out that there is nothing “of their own” in Dobryn, except for the name and, perhaps, the frame.

In reality, the Russian drone resembles the Chinese quadcopter iFlight Nazgul5 Evoque, from which it differs only in the streamlined cap with the “Dobrynya” logo screwed on top. At the same time, the barcode on the battery is partially visible in the photo of “Dobrina ”; it starts with 69, which means China.

The filling of this drone in more detail:

  • battery – Tattu 2200mAH 4S 14.8V 45C
  • engines — iflight xing
  • equipment – ​​Radiomaster TX12
  • rules – IFlight Blitz E55 32 bit
  • antenna — Rush cherry
  • flight controller software — iNavFlight/inav
  • propellers – dallprop
  • camera – Foxeer
  • video transmitter — AKK FX2 Ultimate 5.8G 1200mW
  • battery mounting strap – caddx fpv!

In addition, there is the terrible quality of assembly (hanging wires and the use of ties), weak equipment, and therefore the flight range in real conditions is no more than 900 meters, the lack of points (flying on a tablet is the worst idea). As a result, we have a low-quality fake , which any sane FPV pilot will refuse to fly.

In Russia, they “made a good deal of it”

The Russians said that the cost of the “Russian drone” is 132,000 rubles or about $2,200. Instead, the Chinese online store iFlight Nazgul5 Evoque costs 605.72 euros. And this, according to the official Russian exchange rate on November 29, is only 38,179 rubles.

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the price of the drone from China is indicated without the remote control and battery, but this does not save the situation. 

The remote shown in the story costs 104.16 euros, and the battery for this quadcopter model costs 54.95 euros. That is, the cost of the drone together with the entire set is only 48,207 rubles.

So it turns out that the “markup” of “Almaz-Anteya” for one Chinese drone is about 98,000 rubles.

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