The price of Russian cooperation

After overnight strikes on Iran’s strategic military facilities, it is clear that the price of Iranian arms deliveries to Russia is measured in more than just financial terms. It is about the transfer of equipment and technology, in which Iran is interested. In particular, such relations already existed when the Soviet Union transferred missile samples. In that regard, Israel has no other choice but to damage Iran’s export potential.

Iranian Il-76 military transport aircraft at Moscow airfield

What is currently known about the destruction of military facilities in Iran?

  • IRGC headquarters;
  • Hamadan and Karaj military bases;
  • IRGC Special Forces base;
  • Weapons Manufacturing Plant;
  • Ammunition and UAV manufacturing center;
  • An oil refinery;
  • There have also been some known attacks by revolutionaries against the government and military targets in several provinces, and several officers of the dictatorial regime have already been killed.

Fire at an oil refinery in the Salimi industrial area of Azarshahr town

Official comments

Meanwhile, Israeli political and economic columnist Doron Peskin said that according to the data he received, 14 sites in Iran had been attacked.
All of these attacks were carried out with great probability by long-range kamikaze drones.

There are also known Israeli air attacks on some military targets in Syria.
Experts think as an overnight result it is a very serious blow to Iranian forces.
At the moment Israeli officials are not commenting in any way on what is going on and Iran is denying almost everything.

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