The Russian Federation declared that it “has the right” to launch nuclear strikes on the territory of Poland

In Warsaw, they say that with such blackmail, the Kremlin is trying to achieve a soft reaction to actions against Ukraine.

This was stated by the authorized representative of the government of the Republic of Poland for the security of the information space, Stanislav Zharin.

According to his information, the “military expert” Kostyantyn Sivkov made the corresponding threat. Zharin quoted the propagandist Sivkov, who stated that he said that the Russian military “has the right” to launch nuclear strikes on the territory of Poland, “if the Polish authorities pursue an “aggressive policy” towards Moscow and Belarus, threatening their security and sovereignty.”

“Following the example of his Kremlin masters, Sivkov threatens the world with Russia’s readiness to use destructive nuclear weapons in the region, which will have catastrophic consequences for humanity,” said the Polish official.

In this context, Zharin also recalled the recent statement of the former Russian general Andriy Gurulov from Putin’s United Russia party, who called for the preparation of mobilization measures in case of a clash with the Poles. According to him, propaganda activities on this topic are an element of an attempt to intimidate Western societies.

“By spreading the vision of a nuclear war, the Kremlin is trying to achieve subordination to the West and a soft reaction to Russia’s actions against Ukraine,” he summarized.

A few weeks earlier, Putin’s henchman and chief Russian propagandist Volodymyr Soloviev again began threatening Poland with the alleged “taking of Warsaw.” The propagandist of the Russian Federation stated that, in the conditions of massive supplies of heavy military equipment from the West of Ukraine, “new opportunities have opened up” for Russia. According to Solovyov, Western countries are “naked and can be hit in the rear.”

As reported, Poland will form another infantry division on its eastern border, which will be reinforced by tanks from the United States and South Korea.

The State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Oleksandr Wolfovych called these plans of Poland an “aggressive step”.

Meanwhile, Poland declared a high probability of war with its participation.

The Russians will try to weaken NATO’s cohesion again

Moreover, Poland was warned about the Russian danger on the eve of the elections, which are scheduled for autumn. This was announced by the Government Commissioner for Information Security of the Republic of Poland, Stanislav Zaryn .

“Given what we faced in 2022, in 2023 we should expect a further increase in threats both in cyberspace and in the propaganda activities of Russia and Belarus,” he assessed.

According to him, it should be taken into account that the propaganda of the Russian Federation “is carried out during a certain period”, and not when elections are organized or on the very day of voting.

“These are events for which the ground was prepared for months. Therefore, I believe that already in the first months of 2023, we will observe the strengthening of various activities related to the enemy’s propaganda influence. The experience of our allies and political friends is such that it is the period of various types of election campaigns activates the Russian side, which wants to influence the results of the elections with the help of propaganda or disinformation,” Zharin added.

In his opinion, what the Russian side is doing is not only destabilization or the spread of disinformation and lies in Poland, but also “the actions that we will observe in the long term are influence operations that should change awareness or perception of reality.”

He noted that last year was marked by Russian propaganda activities, which should be considered in the context of military actions against Ukraine.

“Russia adjusts its information toolkit to its strategic goals, and currently the strategic goals are related to the war against Ukraine. Therefore, it should be assumed that part of the disinformation measures will be related to the situation on the front. It will be related to how the world will react to Russia’s actions against Ukraine. We should expect both disinformation activities built into the context of the war and those pursuing long-term goals, such as displacing American interests from Europe or weakening NATO cohesion,” he explained.

The European Union must act to stop the war in Europe being waged and supported by Russia. If the Western leaders do not stop Russia now, then the aggressor will go to other countries not only in Western but also in Eastern Europe, the Baltic States, and beyond.

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