Russia’s shortage of medicine and race for survival

The servicemen of the Russian armed forces are actively discussing the order of the ministry of health of the Russian Federation, according to which all regions of the occupying country were obliged to create an entire stockpile of medicines for four months.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported this in its telegram channel.

According to the report, this problem is due to several reasons:

  • The impact of international sanctions on the Russian economy. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry cannot ensure the production of sufficient quantities of the necessary medicines. The Russian Federation does not produce modern medicine. Instead, import packing lines have been established;
  • a real threat of a complete halt in the supply of medicines from abroad;
  • Due to the increase in the intensity of hostilities, there is an increase in wounded military.

Medical issues in Russia at the moment

Russian surgeons, in private conversations, admit that the supply of medicines is sharply decreasing, which is already affecting the conduct of surgical operations and the industry as a whole.

Restocking needs to be carried out. Due to the existing deficit, there is a significant increase in the prices of medical drugs.

“Medical support for the Russian military in Ukraine is deteriorating. Some newly mobilized Russian soldiers have been ordered to purchase first aid supplies on their own,” the British intelligence noted. (можна цей твіт прикріпити)

They emphasize that medical training and understanding of the principles of first aid among the Russian military is most likely insufficient.

How Russian authorities avoid sanctions

Looking for solutions, the Governor of St. Petersburg, Mr. Beglov, visited Uzbekistan in the Leningrad region.

The Russian side noted the interest of the business community, enterprises, and organizations of St. Petersburg in expanding and strengthening bilateral interregional ties, implementing joint projects in the production of medical and pharmaceutical products, as well as organizing mutual supplies of agricultural products with the creation of wholesale distribution centers in the Russian Federation focused on products from Uzbekistan.

In this way, Russia continues to use some post-Soviet countries, such as Uzbekistan, to circumvent international sanctions.

Russia must admit that sanctions harm its people

For years, Russian patients have been suffering from a medication shortage. After the country invaded Ukraine in February, the situation only got worse as drug prices rose. 

At first, this was due to a surge in demand, and drugs that initially disappeared began to return to the shelves. But despite the authorities’ attempts not to allow essential medicines to run out, problems remain. 

Their sources include a supply chain broken by sanctions, the departure of raw materials necessary for production in the internal market, and many Western companies’ refusal to conduct clinical trials in Russia. And things can even worsen: in the future, more supply chain disruptions, a drop in quality, rising prices, and a market closed to new drugs.

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