The US Congress submitted a bill to recognize PMC “Wagner” as a terrorist organization

A group of US senators introduced a bipartisan bill to Congress to recognize the Russian private military company “Wagner” as a foreign terrorist organization.


As reported on the website, the Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker submitted the document to Congress on December 1. The draft law “Prosecution of Russian Mercenaries” includes a requirement for the US Secretary of State to designate Wagner Mercenaries and any groups affiliated with this PMC, as well as its successors, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO). It is noted that this is called to be done within 90 days from the date of entry into force of the Law.

“Vladimir Putin and his henchmen will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, including using mercenaries like Wagner’s group to commit atrocities on their behalf. The US must call this shadow army what it is: a foreign terrorist group. We must bring them to justice along with all those who support them,” Vicker emphasized.

The co-author of the bill, Senator from the state of Maryland Ben Cardin noted that the mercenaries from this PMC “are reliably connected to countless atrocities in Ukraine, Syria and the entire African continent.”

“The United States should immediately recognize Wagner’s group as a foreign terrorist organization. This will reduce the size of the Russian armed forces and help bring human rights violators to justice,” he added.

Congressman Richard Hudson said that the Wagner PMC poses a threat to the interests and security of the United States, as well as its partners and allies.

“We must bring to justice those responsible for Putin’s war against Ukraine and atrocities elsewhere. Designating this group of mercenaries a foreign terrorist organization will send a strong message to those in Russia and to all those who seek to harm the world,” the politician emphasized.

Wagner mercenaries involvement in the war against Ukraine

Russia is actively using mercenaries from PMK “Wagner” in the war against Ukraine. Due to a severe shortage of personnel, prisoners began to be recruited into the ranks of a private military company.

Thus, the private military company “Wagner” recruited Zambian citizen Lemehani Nyirenda in the Russian colony, who later died in the war in Ukraine. According to the owner of PVC, the Zambian wanted to thank Russia for helping Africans.

It was also previously reported that “Wagnerivka” staged a bloody massacre of Russian “mobs” in Belogorivka, Luhansk region. The mobilized paid with their lives for refusing to go into battle first. A total of 19 invaders were killed.

According to the mass media, the Russian private military company “Wagner” began recruiting people in the prisons of the Central African Republic. Recruited prisoners will be sent to participate in hostilities not only on the territory of Ukraine, but also in other regions.

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