Three Russian aircraft intercepted over the Baltic Sea

According to a news release from the German Bundeswehr, fighter jets of the German and British air forces have intercepted three Russian reconnaissance aircraft in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.

A tweet from the German air force on Wednesday morning stated that two SU-27s and one Il-20 had flown “without a transponder signal in international airspace over the Baltic Sea.”

German and British Eurofighter fighters were able to intercept the Russian reconnaissance aircraft.


NATO has been securing the Baltic airspace in northeastern Europe since 2004 because Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania do not own their own fighter jets. The Baltic nations bordering Russia get fighter jets and soldiers from the Alliance on a regular basis.

After eight months, the British government took over leadership of the NATO air surveillance mission from the German Bundeswehr in early April. However, it will receive backup from the German air force till the end of the month.

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