Time to surrender: how Ukrainian military help Russian invaders

Along with their heroic defense against the Russian invaders, the Ukrainian Armed Forces also ran an information campaign for the Russians. With propaganda flyers, Ukrainian forces are bombarding the invaders’ trenches.

On November 28, Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines in the vicinity of Toretsk and Horlivka began an informational campaign for the Russian invaders. The soldiers launched a “bombardment” of propaganda flyers on enemy positions.

What is shared with Russians in the leaflets? 

Appeals to the Russian invaders to critically evaluate the situation of the war and surrender are contained in the “leaflets” from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Additionally, if and when the Russian forces choose to surrender, the Ukrainian leaflets outline their rights as prisoners of war.

Their message says that the best solution for the Russian military is to spend the war in captivity and survive. The Ukrainian forces say they are defending their country but want to stop and prevent the bloodshed.

The Ukrainian military utilized specialized propaganda shells for BM-21 Grad multiple rocket launchers to deliver the leaflets.

The latest development at the frontline

On November 27, the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted missile strikes on the Russian positions in Zaporizhzhya and Luhansk regions. The Ukrainian military claim eliminated as many as 470 Russian invaders.

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