To stop its actions, we must put pressure on Russia: Szczerski

We must keep applying pressure to get Russia to halt its aggressiveness. At a UN Security Council meeting on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine, Ambassador Krzysztof Szczerski stated that when there is no aggression, there is no war. He reaffirmed Poland’s commitment to helping Ukraine for as long as was required.

At the meeting on Monday, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the UN recalled that approximately 500 days have passed since Russia began its aggression against Ukraine and that both the number of civilian casualties and material losses are rising.

“The Russian military suffers spectacular defeats on the battlefield, so it tries to compensate for its failures with relentless brutal aggression against innocent civilians. (…) Critical infrastructure facilities remain the main target of Russian missiles. There are constant reports of new civilian casualties. All this bears the hallmarks of total war and as such requires repeated, universal condemnation.”

Stressed Szczerski.

He emphasized that despite the overwhelming majority of UN member states consistently and unequivocally denouncing Russian aggression and its disastrous humanitarian effects, Russia simply keeps ignoring the appeals, twisting the truth, and spreading deliberate misinformation and propaganda about its alleged “special military operation.” The Kremlin hopes that the world would become weary of the conflict, stop discussing it, and eventually forget about it.

The Polish ambassador addressed the Security Council forum, saying, “My appeal today is simple: let us never be indifferent and let us not accept war, any war, even if it disappears from the headlines.”

As long as Ukraine and its people pay the ultimate price by valiantly defending every square kilometer of their territory from the invading armies, he maintained, resolve must not waver.

“It is our mission to continue to defend the United Nations Charter. We must continue to put pressure on Russia to stop its aggression. When there is no aggression, there is no war, so this is the way to achieve the peace that the whole world is waiting for,”

Argued Szczerski.

He pleaded for more aid, noting that Poland’s entire funding for Ukraine in 2022 was expected to be around USD 10 billion. He continued by saying that an additional USD 1.2 billion will be spent this year alone on social benefits and educational requirements for Ukrainians, primarily women, and children, who find safety in Poland.

Szczerski noted that Poland’s humanitarian aid had concentrated on spare parts and equipment for energy infrastructure, such as transformers and power generators, in response to the methodical Russian attacks meant to damage heating and energy infrastructure during the previous winter.

“We will continue our support for Ukraine, both here at the UN and in this country, for as long as necessary. We will not weaken our solidarity with Ukraine (…) and we also call on all Member States to do so.”

Appealed the Polish ambassador.

Photo: Poland in the UN/Twitter

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