UK, US, Canada, Japan and France to create nuclear energy alliance

Meeting in Japan

In Sapporo, Japan, G7 leaders were able to come to a consensus on nuclear energy.

To use nuclear fuel to fulfill future energy needs, the UK has joined forces with Canada, France, Japan, and the US in a strategic alliance.

The agreement, which was unveiled during the Nuclear Energy Forum in Sapporo, Japan, aims to make use of the civil nuclear power sectors in each of the participating nations.

Putin’s position in the nuclear fuel market must be swiftly eliminated to frustrate his attempts to use this sector to fund his aggressive operations against Ukraine.

The agreement is also anticipated to develop the nuclear energy industries in the five nations, which will improve domestic energy security and lower household electricity costs.

UK’s leading a worldwide effort

The UK is already acting proactively in this area, among other ways being the Nuclear Fuel Fund, which was established in January. It will help the government’s goal of securing up to 24GW of nuclear power by 2050 by contributing up to £75 million to ensure that the UK has the fuel manufacturing capabilities required to enable a nuclear renaissance.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps emphasized how this collaboration, along with investment in safer and more dependable renewable energy sources, will be a critical step toward making the UK energy independent when speaking at the G7 Energy Ministers’ Meeting in Sapporo.

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps stated the following:

  • The UK has been at the center of international efforts to help Ukraine, topple Putin, and to make sure that he and those like him never think they can extort the world once more for energy.
  • This is the next crucial step in shoring up our global energy security by employing a dependable international supply of nuclear fuel from safe, secure sources and in telling Putin that Russia is no longer welcome.
  • The other part of the equation, though, is the requirement to invest in safe, affordable, and renewable energy sources, which is exactly what our Powering Up Britain plan will do. 
  • Instead of relying on expensive, imported fossil fuels, we need to concentrate on more intelligent energy alternatives. The investors I have seen this week in the Republic of Korea and Japan acknowledge that the UK is already a global leader in renewable energy.
  • In representing UK PLC, he wants to make it abundantly clear that the knowledge the UK has gained from having the four largest offshore wind farms is available to assist nations looking to invest in their supplies. This will be to their advantage, create green jobs and opportunities at home, and increase energy security throughout the world.

Photo: Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero (Jacob King/PA) / PA Wire

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