UK vows there won’t be any nuclear escalation in Ukraine

In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s criticism of Britain for providing depleted uranium tank shells to Ukrainian forces, Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly declared on Wednesday (22 March) that there has been no nuclear escalation in the Ukraine war.

On Monday, Britain had acknowledged that it was giving Ukraine weapons laced with depleted uranium. Because of its density and other characteristics, the heavy metal is utilized in weaponry because it can more easily penetrate armor and tanks.

Putin, meanwhile, denounced British intentions to transfer such ammunition to Ukraine on Tuesday, warning that Moscow would be forced to take appropriate action because such weapons “had a nuclear component.”

It was cleverly stated that Russia was the only nation discussing the growing nuclear risks while using conventional weapons.

“No nuclear escalation has occurred. Russia is the only nation in the world that is discussing nuclear concerns. At the announcement of Britain’s international technology strategy, Cleverly stated that there was no threat to Russia and that the only goal was to aid Ukraine in self-defense”.

“Depleted uranium munitions are entirely conventional weapons despite having the word uranium in their name, it is important to make sure everyone understands this”.

While depleted uranium has been a component of British armor-piercing shells for many years, no nuclear capability is attached to those rounds. Also known to possess depleted uranium-containing munitions is Russia.

Around impact sites, where dust can enter people’s lungs and vital organs, there is a specific health danger.

Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia, claimed that Britain was “taking this escalation to a new and very serious stage,” and the Russian mission in Geneva charged that London had made it impossible to reach a political and diplomatic agreement regarding the Ukrainian crisis by prolonging the conflict.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus and a close supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin, also joined the debate on Wednesday, declaring that Russia will respond to the British decision by giving Belarus munitions carrying “actual uranium” as retaliation.

“We must distance ourselves from this lunacy. You will witness a terrified reaction as soon as this ammo detonates on the locations of Russian troops; it will serve as a lesson for the entire world, he warned reporters in a video clip.

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