Ukraine reportedly will receive top Swedish IFV CV90

The Defense Forces of Ukraine will receive CV-90 infantry fighting vehicles from Sweden, which are in service with some NATO member states. Ukrainian crews are already completing training to master them.

The press service of the Ministry of Defense reported this in Telegram.

The fact that Sweden, as part of a new military aid package, will transfer Stridsfordon CV90 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine became known in January 2023. Then the Swedish media said that Ukraine would receive about 50 infantry fighting vehicles from Stockholm. 

The BAE Systems and Bofors collaboration created the CV 9030N (Strf 9030), an export variant of the CV90 family of combat vehicles, for the Norwegian Armed Forces. 164 of these IFVs are currently in use by the nation’s army.

The Strf 9030 index was adopted for the combat vehicle. The CV90 Mk I, often known as the first generation CV90 IFV, is presented here in Norwegian.

Instead of the original Bofors L/70 40mm autocannon, the combat vehicle was outfitted with a Bushmaster II 30mm automatic gun for the export deal.

It should be noted that initially it was said that Swedish infantry fighting vehicles in the CV9040A variant or in the newer CV9040B variant would be in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. But Ukraine could receive combat vehicles in the CV9040C version. And this is the most modern version of the Swedish infantry fighting vehicle. Among other things, such a machine has additional armor.

Photo credits: Norwegian Armed Forces

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