Ukraine’s army command’s urgent appeal to Russian military

Many Russian invaders understand that they will die in the war against Ukraine. A video instruction for the Russian soldiers who came to Ukraine on how they can save their lives was published online.

On Friday, November 25, the Center for Strategic Communications of the Ukrainian army published a video for the Russian military that urged them to realize the situation and the consequences of conducting the war. The organization noted that this is an official appeal of the Ukrainian Armed Forces commands to Putin’s soldiers.

It is claimed in the video that Russian soldiers have realized the absurdity of the war waged by Putin, and cases of surrendering have become more frequent.

How can the invaders speed up the end of the war?

It is evident that Russia’s defeat is not far off, and the war against Ukraine will end in a fiasco for Putin. However, Russian soldiers can speed up this process and surrender. The Armed Forces assured that the invaders would be appropriately treated.

However, those who surrender do not know the rules of war, known as international humanitarian law, are included in the military training program, – the Armed Forces noted.

In the video, the official command of the Ukrainian army told in detail what rights Russian soldiers have after surrendering and what status they acquire. They stated that Ukrainian soldiers would treat prisoners who decided to lay down their arms with dignity.

However, they also stressed that if, during the “surrender,” the invaders decide to open fire on units of the Ukrainian army, according to the Geneva Convention, it will be classified as a war crime. In this case, by the way, the military has the right to return fire.

Among the main rules of surrender for the Russian invaders are the following:

  • coming out with raised hands and saying the phrase “I surrender”;
  • coming out one by one, without weapons and on command;
  • execution of all orders voiced by the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • Drive up on vehicles with a white flag and stop at a distance of at least one kilometer from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It is still to be determined if all Russian troops will have access to this video and learn about the appeal. Next, we will need to wait and see if they will accept the offer and overcome the fear of repression by the Russian military command.

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