The scenario of Putin’s downfall is being carried out – Klochok

To maintain the current system of government, the Russian elite must overthrow Vladimir Putin; otherwise, the nation will fall apart.

Political analyst Valeriy Klochok provides live on-air coverage for “Espreso.TV.”

“My immediate feeling is that Putin’s fall from power is currently being implemented. Due to the numerous clans involved in the internal political affairs of the Russian Federation, it is not so simple. Let’s not forget Patrushev, who is currently engaged in efforts to have Putin removed from office “- he observes.

The analyst claims that this is one of the Russian Federation’s escape routes from the problem.

“Maintaining the current system of power is the Russian elite’s top priority. They can follow their Western allies’ advice and go back to Russia’s boundaries from 1991 to maintain this model. Putin just does not share the goals of this political movement, which is attempting to save Russia. The story will be very different and far worse for them if they are unable to alter Putin. They will merely be cut apart. This is a reality that is more than evident “Klochok Co. has concluded.


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