War between China and Taiwan is possible, US State Department

As of December 2022, the US State Department admitted that China could start a war against Taiwan. All because Xi Jinping has absolute control over China.

Photo: flickr.com

The relevant statement was made by Wendy Sherman, US Deputy Secretary of State. She emphasized that the United States is helping Taiwan.

“War between China and Taiwan is potentially possible. This can happen because the leader of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, now has absolute control over China after the last party congress,” the American diplomat explained.

According to Wendy Sherman, US President Joe Biden’s team is helping Taiwan in every possible way to have the means of self-defense, and is also doing everything possible to contain China.

It is worth noting that recently the head of the Asia-Pacific region section of the New Geopolitics Research Network Yuriy Poita drew attention to the fact that the Chinese authorities are currently following the war between Ukraine and Russia very closely. He also added that China views Ukraine’s victory as a negative scenario.

“I have spoken to Chinese experts from very serious think tanks, close to the decision-making centers, and they are convinced that Russia made a mistake with its invasion. But the mistake is not in the fact that she started her military operation, but in the way she conducts it,” says Poita.

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