About us

The Insight News Media is a Europe and Ukraine-focused, independent media outlet. We’re fully committed to objective, analytical, and investigative journalism and to debunking fake news.

Our goal is to provide objective and verified information with reference to reliable primary sources, as well as to publish analytical unique articles that are based on solid data from reliable sources.

We publish news on Europe with a focus on Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In particular we publish fresh news about Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Who are we?

A volunteer team of European journalists (UK, France, Italy, Ukraine), translators and IT specialists from Ukraine.

Project goal:

  • Provide balanced and verified information on important events, and political processes in Europe.
  • To reveal disinformation, propaganda, and fake news which target to undermine democracies and people’s right on receiving truthful information.
  • Provide analytical view on most important events in Europe, and in the world.

Our funding

A group of volunteers helps Insight News Media. Donations from individuals and organizations support our website. Our publications are open to everyone and the website is free of advertisements. Our goal is to spread information and sources to as many readers as we can in these hard times.

Our principles

Insight News’ editorial selections are the exclusive source of its content. Our decisions are made independently; they are not influenced in the slightest by any interest group, no matter what kind, or by any biased considerations. The association and the journal are not bound by the opinions expressed in the Analysis section.

Our priority

We wish to uphold the fundamental principles of democratic debate, which call for a discussion built on accurate information that is as extensive and comprehensive as possible and readily available to all people.

Get in touch with us if you want to support us. Please mail us at insightnewseditor(at)gmail.com.

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