Armenian leader fears a “large-scale war” by Azerbaijan

On February 15, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan expressed fears that recent events and statements by the Azerbaijani side may indicate that it is preparing for military escalation.

Pashinyan’s statement at a meeting of the Armenian government were quoted by

Armenian prime minister said that, according to Yerevan’s analysis, there may be one reason for Azerbaijan’s recent actions, and “it could be, for example, the beginning of a military escalation on some part of the border with the prospect of a large-scale war against Armenia.”

“The policy of the Armenian Cabinet of Ministers is to prevent such developments by engaging in active negotiations, while firmly standing in defense of all legitimate interests of Armenia. These legitimate interests are the protection of Armenia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Pashinyan added.

On Tuesday, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported that four Armenian soldiers were killed as a result of small arms fire from the Azerbaijani armed forces.

Earlier, the State Border Guard Service of Azerbaijan said that one soldier was wounded as a result of fire from Armenia on the same section of the border.

This was the most serious border conflict between the two countries since Azerbaijan’s military operation to retake Nagorno-Karabakh in September 2023. Pashinyan blamed Baku for the incident.

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