Bulgarian Parliament voted to dismiss Denkov’s government

The Bulgarian Parliament held a debate before voting on the resignation of Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov in Sofia.

The Bulgarian Parliament has unanimously accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov and his government. This is reported by The Sofia Globe.

On March 6, the National Assembly voted to dismiss Denkov’s government. The Prime Minister had been in office for nine months.

In the 240-member parliament, 216 deputies voted in favor, with no abstentions or votes against.

On March 5, Nikolay Denkov submitted his resignation. He made this decision amid disputes between the GERB and the PP-DB over the selection of new members of regulatory bodies and the candidacy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

In particular, the news came after the GERB party published a draft coalition agreement. At the time, members of the PP-DB, which includes Denkov, saw this as progress in negotiations to extend the government.

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