Czech Republic imposes sanctions on Russia’s chief rocket scientist 

At a meeting on August 16, the Czech government added Boris Obnosov, CEO of the Russian Tactical Missile Systems Corporation, to the national sanctions list.

The Russian regime uses this corporation’s products to bombard Ukraine.

Russian oligarch and his relatives under sanctions 

According to the updated sanctions list published on the Czech Foreign Ministry website, Obnosov, his daughter Olga Zorikova and her husband Rostislav, who lives in Prague, are subject to restrictions.

Rostislav Zorikov has been a permanent resident of the Czech Republic since at least June 2020 and owns real estate in Prague worth more than CZK 100 million. He was seen in Prague this year.

Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky wrote that the Russian oligarch behind the production of missiles that kill innocent Ukrainians must be held accountable.

Who is Boris Obnosov?

Boris Obnosov is the CEO of the Russian state-holding company TMSC, which produces weapons systems and supplies them to the Russian armed forces.

According to the Czech government, the Zorikovs have personally benefited from their connections to Obnosov. They own and use luxury real estate and cars in the Czech Republic. In addition, Olga Zorikova owns a 20% stake in TMSC.

In November 2022, the Czech Republic announced its intention to compile its list of names of those who support the Putin terror regime and the sanctions list approved by the European Union.

At the end of April, the government added Moscow Patriarch Kirill to the list, and a month and a half ago, Russian businessman Vladimir Yevtushenko and his son Felix Yevtushenko were added.


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