Germany should follow Poland’s example with the committee on Russian influence

The widely read German newspaper Die Welt stated that Germany should be challenged to finally examine its ties to Russia with full seriousness and diligence. Poland is currently setting up a panel to look into Russian influence.

The bill establishing the panel to look into Russian influence was just signed by Polish President Andrzej Duda. Die Welt questions whether the Germans will emulate Poland’s actions.

The German newspaper advises starting by cleaning up their personal “backyard”. The German tabloid continued: “No committee has yet been established in the Bundestag to investigate the mistaken strategy towards Russia, much alone the conduct of the confused Russophiles of the AfD and the Left.”

The newspaper claims that it is obvious that Germany must be transparent about such murky deals in question given the recent publication of the book “The Moscow Connection,” which reveals covert coordination between Social Democratic Party (SPD) politicians and the Kremlin. However, the newspaper reported that Manuela Schwesig “continues to rule for the time being in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, while former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder celebrates at the Russian embassy.”

The Polish panel looking into Russian influence, according to Die Welt, need not be a “role model,” but rather should encourage Germany to finally evaluate its own ties to Russia “with due seriousness and diligence.”

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