Public health, security and fighting poverty are top issues for Europeans – Eurobarometer

Ahead of the June European elections, Eurobarometer’s most recent survey reveals that security and public health rank among the top concerns for Europeans.

The top concerns among Europeans surveyed in this study were public health, security, eradicating poverty, and creation of new jobs.

For the poll, Eurobarometer conducted over 26,000 in-person or video conference interviews. The weight of the outcomes took into account the population of each member state.

60% of Europeans are interested in the next European elections, according to the poll, which is 11% higher than the same study conducted in advance of the 2019 elections. They also feel far more inclined to cast a ballot. 

Combating poverty ranked first (33%), followed by enhancing public health (32%). Third place (with 31%) goes to EU defense and security, as well as support for the economy and the creation of new jobs. Throughout the legislative term, public support for EU defense and security has grown, especially in light of Russia’s aggressive war against Ukraine.

The Europeans are interested in the elections to the European Parliament scheduled for June (60%), but still 40% are not interested. However, 71% of the respondents said they would probably cast a ballot.

The results also indicate that EU residents understand the significance of the elections in the current geopolitical conditions, with over eight in ten (81%) believing that it increases the importance of voting. 

Public health received no mention in the spring 2019 survey, but the COVID-19 pandemic during the current mandate elevated it to prominence. Additional Eurobarometer polls have revealed that throughout the pandemic, support for the EU hit all-time highs.

Greece, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, and Slovenia raised public health the most (56%). This aligns with the Conference for the Future of Europe’s expressed support for increased EU intervention in the health sector.

Although a lot of people are interested in public health, different demographic groups place varying amounts of importance on it, according to the survey. Women prioritize health much more than men do (35% vs. 28%); older respondents, those 55 and older, believe health is more essential than younger population segments (34% for 55+, 28% for 15–24).

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