What Western components are found in new Russian drones used in attacks on Ukraine?

The Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones used by Russia in its drone terror attacks on Ukrainian cities are mostly made up of Western components, as a number of investigations and official data have shown.

In the “new” Russian-made Shahed-136/Geranium-2 drones, the only purely Russian component is the Kometa unit from the navigation system.

According to Ukrainian officials, although Russia is most likely already manufacturing the UAVs, the majority of the components are of foreign origin.

Majority of Russia’s drone components are of foreign origin

Ukrainian experts are working to fully identify the component base of the “new” Russian drones used in the most recent air attacks. The researchers are receiving both surviving and heavily damaged parts and wreckage of the Shahed-136 that Russian troops used to attack Ukraine.

European media reported last fall that Russia used Iranian kamikaze drones equipped with European components in recent attacks on Ukrainian cities. In particular, The Guardian reported this, citing a secret report that Ukraine sent to the G7 governments.

List of 52 Western components in the Shahed-131 drone

Thus, 52 electrical components from Western companies were found in the Shahed-131 drone and 57 in the Shahed-136 model.

The detected components were manufactured by several European companies (see table below). The manufacturers include firms headquartered in the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, and Japan.

The report stated that there is no confirmation of any violations by the Western companies whose components were used in Iranian UAV production. Iranian UAV production largely relies on readily available commercial components with poor or no control over their supply. Almost all imports to Iran come from Turkey, India, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and Costa Rica.

Iranian state-owned aircraft manufacturing company behind drone production

The Iranian state-owned aircraft manufacturing company Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company is behind the production of Shahed-131\136 attack drones, which Russia is using to shell Ukraine.

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine stated this, referring to an investigators’ analysis, as reported by the public media Suspilne. Experts have identified that the drones with the Russian marking “Geran” are indeed Iranian Shaheds.

Earlier, representatives of Ukraine’s air defense forces stated that Russia had launched mass production of Shahed UAVs. The Russians are modernizing the drones and producing hundreds of barrage munitions.

List of Western components in war drones that Russia uses against Ukraine

AlteraUSAMemory card for 67, 108, 864 bits. EPCQ64A
AlteraUSAProgrammable gate matrix Altera Cyclone V 5CEFA7F2317N FBBGAU2231A
VishayUSAIHLP shielded wire chokes
Analog DevicesUSA14-bit high-speed digital-to-analog converter TxDAC+ AD 9755
Analog DevicesUSAAD9517-4ABCPZ 1.6GHz Blown VCO 12-Output Clock Generator
Analog DevicesUSAADT7310 Precision 16-Bit Digital SPI Temperature Sensor
Analog DevicesUSALow-power RS-232 receiver/transmitter ADM 3202A #217
Linear Technology CorporationUSALTM4613V modular DC regulator
Linear Technology CorporationUSA14-bit A/D converter 2018 LTC2174 UKG-14 BT30267
NCRUSAElectromechanical relay NCR NRP15-C12D
MERITEKUSACapacitor for suppression of electromagnetic interference MEX GP 109
Texas InstrumentsUSAWide range synchronous controller 12AN4HU LM25116 MH
Mouser ElectonicsUSACapacitor PowerStor 5.5V 1.5F 5.5V
Honeywell Sensing and Productivity SolutionsUSAAirspeed sensor 060MDSA5 1406 03N
U-BLOXSwitzerlandReceiver of increased accuracy u-blox M10Q
U-BLOXSwitzerlandMulti-band high-frequency GNSS antenna ANN-MB-00-00
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandDiode STIEC45-XXAS
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandRegulator LD33 E148
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandHigh power miniature relay HF115F 012-2Z4B F01212M
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandMicrocontroller ARM4 STM32F405 RGTL AA078 9R TWN AA 045
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandMicrocontroller ARMY STM32F405 RGT6 AA078 9R TWN AA 045
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandMicrocontroller ARMY STM32F405 RGT6 7B37M VG PHL 7B 245
STMicroelectronicsSwitzerlandMicrocontroller STM32F765 VIT6 Z 7B259 VQ PHL 7B 217
TaoglasIrelandGPS signal receiver Taoglas CGGBP.18.4.A.02
EPCOS AGGermanyMetallized film capacitor EPCOS B7153 A027 21502/С
NXP SemiconductorsNetherlandsInverter microcircuit 74HC0BD C1T535B5 TXXD2222E
NXP SemiconductorsNetherlandsInverter microcircuit 74РС04В СЯУ20404 EtВ2105У
PanasonicJapanCard reader for installing SD card FCI SD Card P113421B01-V3
Source: NAZK

Ukraine’s public database tracks foreign components in Russian weaponry.

The War and Sanctions portal currently features a list of over 2000 components that Russia and Iran utilize in various missiles, UAVs, electronic warfare systems, and numerous other forms of weaponry and military technology.

Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention has created the world’s first open global inventory detailing foreign components utilized in Russian and Iranian missiles, drones, electronic warfare systems, and other military equipment, the agency announced on December 7.

“Russian weapons are highly dependent on foreign components. It’s time to demilitarize the Russian Federation and stop the supply of components for the weaponry of the aggressor country”, NAZK statement reads.

War and Sanctions portal features a list of over 2000 components

The War and Sanctions portal currently features a list of over 2000 components that Russia and Iran utilize in various missiles, UAVs, electronic warfare systems, and numerous other forms of weaponry and military technology.

“Thousands of electronics intended for peaceful purposes become murder weapons in Russia and Iran’s hands,” agency head Oleksandr Novikov said.

“Exposing their path is a massive task, now aided by making this information public for journalists, officials, and all pursuing justice to investigate supply chains and accountability.”

The database resulted from extensive evidence gathering by various Ukrainian security, military, and police agencies, despite casualties and obstacles, the agency emphasized. Research teams, though targeted themselves, provide analytical support.

Need to prevent Russia from acquiring Western technologies

While Ukraine battles to repel Russian military assaults, the US and the EU must fight another battle to keep key combat drone components out of Russian hands.

However, denying Russia access to chips, electronics, semiconductors has been tough, and the West has not achieved a clear success. While Western sanctions have reduced Russia’s ability to manufacture weapons, the Russian regime continues to gain access to numerous technology components through sanctions evasion schemes via third countries.

While the United States and the European Union mobilize to provide Ukrainians with modern air defense systems to defend their cities from Russian air attacks, Moscow continues to bombard Ukraine using Western technologies.

Failure to prevent Russia from acquiring Western technologies for its drones means postponing Ukraine’s victory and bringing Putin’s war closer to the EU’s frontiers.

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