A hot summer of 2024: Storm Shadow, ATACMS, and F-16s

The West is providing more weapons to Ukraine as it prepares for a decisive battle in 2024. After the U.S. House of Representatives voted to provide $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine, other partner countries are also joining in to support Kyiv.

Thus, the United Kingdom has officially announced the next aid package, which will be the largest since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion. This package, worth about $617 million, will include:

  • Storm Shadow Cruise Missiles
  • 1600 Strike, Air Defense Missiles
  • 160 Husky-armoured vehicles
  • 240 other military vehicles, including 162 armored vehicles and 78 all-terrain vehicles
  • 60 boats for the Ukrainian Forces, including raid and diving boats and naval guns
  • 4 million rounds of small arms ammunition

So the total amount of funds allocated by the United Kingdom for Ukraine in 2024 will reach $3.7 billion.

At the same time, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has a phone conversation with President Biden about the future delivery of ATACMS. In his evening address, Zeleskyy said that agreements on ATACMS for Ukraine are in place. “Thank you, Mr. President! Thank you, Congress! Thank you, America!” said Zelenskyy.

Meanwhile, Denmark officially announced that it will deliver all its F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. This news comes from the Danish Ambassador to Ukraine, Ole Egberg Mikkelsen. According to him, the Danish Air Forces are getting a new generation of airplanes, the F-35.

So the country decided to donate the whole fleet of the older F-16s to Ukraine. “There will definitely be airplanes for Ukraine,” said Mikkelsen. He also underlined that the fighter jets will be delivered on time, as promised. “There is no need to worry,” the ambassador said.

If Ukraine has enough resources and means, it will be able to repel the Russian offensive expected this summer. This will also mean a decrease in Russia’s offensive potential, which will reduce the possibility of aggression against other European countries in the future.

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