Belgium deported dozens of Russian spies in recent months

Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Kroo announced the recent deportation of dozens of Russian spies operating under diplomatic cover in the country. This was reported by The Brussels Times.

“In recent months, Belgium has deported dozens of so-called Russian diplomats from the country. Were they spies? Obviously, yes,” the Belgian prime minister said.

When asked whether Belgium should be wary of Russia’s attempts to undermine democracy, De Kroo said that this is already happening. According to him, Russia is attacking Belgium in different ways.

“If we take a stance against Russia, we know that our websites will be targeted by cyberattacks within the next few hours,” the official said.

According to De Croo, Russia has also conducted numerous disinformation campaigns in Belgium. In 2021, during the coronavirus pandemic, police searched for a deserter who threatened to kill the country’s leading virologist and the government. At the time, Belgian intelligence services detected signs of an externally organized disinformation campaign against the country.

Russia has also carried out numerous disinformation campaigns in Belgium. “For example, when the manhunt for Jürgen Conings [former career soldier who made threats against virologists and the Belgian Government during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, – Ed.] was happening, our security services had suspicions about organized disinformation campaigns at delicate moments.”

De Tijd and its European partners discovered at least 17 satellite dishes and other communication equipment on the roof of the Russian Embassy in Belgium in Oukla, which can be used for both communication and espionage activities.

De Croo also elaborated on financing Belgian aid to Ukraine.

“It is Russian President Vladimir Putin who pays. Belgium has in fact found a clever solution: Russia has hundreds of billions in assets frozen in Belgium, and the aid to Ukraine is paid with the taxes on that money. So the aid is not funded by Belgian taxpayers.”

Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Kroo
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