Czech volunteers launched a fundraiser for Black Hawk for Ukraine

The Czech civic movement “Gift for Putin” (Dárek pro Putina), which has been actively organizing fundraisers for Ukrainian armaments for over a year, has declared a plan to send a Black Hawk helicopter to Ukraine.

Czech volunteers launched a fundraiser for the American twin-engine, multi-purpose helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk on November 16.

“We would like to buy it and send it to Ukraine to fight the Russians,” they emphasized.

Black Hawk capabilities 

Black Hawk is an American tactical multifunctional helicopter. This helicopter is well-known for its dependability, versatility, and adaptability to various military and civil fields.

Black Hawk can transport personnel and various military payloads and evacuate wounded personnel. It is capable of carrying up to 11 people, including crew.

Black Hawk has become one of the prominent helicopters of the US military forces and has been used in several conflicts.

Black Hawk has played a significant role in many operations, including the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, during natural catastrophes and crisis circumstances, and in rescue missions to seek and rescue people. 

In some regions, Black Hawk is also utilized for civilian purposes such as firefighting, medical evacuation, and tourism.

How can Black Hawk help Ukraine? 

Black Hawk is a robust military tool that can significantly aid Ukraine’s defense war against Russia.

Black Hawk is quite simple to use and maintain. Ukraine will be able to quickly train its pilots and technicians to use the helicopter as a result of this.

Black Hawk is dependable and damage-resistant. This will enable Ukraine to employ the helicopters in hazardous settings, such as combat missions.

Black Hawk has numerous modifications that allow it to be utilized for various missions. Thanks to this, Ukraine can make better use of its helicopters.

The Black Hawk helicopter is not a panacea for the Ukrainian military. It is just one of many options for Ukraine in its war against Russian invaders. Black Hawk is a vital contribution to the Ukrainian air force and can help Ukraine liberate Russian-occupied territories faster.

Czech civic movement “Gift for Putin”

The “Gift for Putin” effort is best known for raising 30 million CZK for a modernized T-72 for Ukraine, named Tomas after Czechoslovakia’s first president. 

Other big successful fundraisers for the effort have included 15 mobile air defense systems and the Czech RM-70 multiple launch rocket system, dubbed Přemysl.

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