Dutch company violated EU sanctions by shipping banned goods to Russia – media

According to an investigative report by Dutch television Nieuwsuur, a Russian-owned Dutch company based in Voorschoten circumvented the European sanctions by sending dozens of shipments of technological components and other items to Russia over the past 18 months.

In addition to violating the EU restrictions, the firm transported hundreds of other goods to Russia. Since Russia launched its war and an illegal invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the EU has introduced 11 packages of economic sanctions against Moscow.

ETW-Tekhnologiya shipped tech parts to Russia – Nieuwsuur

The Dutch company ETW-Tekhnologiya made eight shipments in August, according to Russian customs data obtained by Nieuwsuur. Later, European sanctions lists included the electronics components from these shipments. Russian military systems, such as attack drones, can utilize the electronics added to the sanctions list.

Furthermore, ETW-Tekhnologiya faced accusations of dispatching an additional 135 shipments worth over 1.2 million euros, which were likely to violate sanctions. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started, the corporation has also shipped thousands of other pieces of technology equipment that are not on sanctions lists, as reported by Nieuwsuur.

ETW-Tekhnologiya pretended that shipments’ destination were in Dubai and Hong Kong

Customs data collected by Nieuwsuur revealed that the products passed Russian customs checks, despite ETW-Tekhnologiya’s attempt to make it appear as if the shipments were destined for clients in Dubai or Hong Kong.

Customs data collected by Nieuwsuur revealed that the products passed Russian customs checks, despite ETW-Tekhnologiya’s attempt to make it appear as if the shipments were destined for clients in Dubai or Hong Kong.

Around a year ago, EDM, a Dubai-based company, established its official location at a hotel. According to Nieuwsuur, the company solely does business with ETW-Tekhnologiya and the Russian owner’s company in Moscow.

Asia Pacific Links exports drone parts to Russia – Reuters

Reuters reported that Asia Pacific Links, a corporate name used in Hong Kong, exports drone parts to Russia. Both the company’s director and owner are under sanctions in the United States.

According to the Dutch media, Mikhail Volovik, the owner of ETW-Tekhnologiya, declined to respond to phone or email inquiries about the charges. He declined to respond to phone or email inquiries from the Dutch media about the charges.

According to its website, the limited corporation provides instruments and equipment to laboratories and researchers. The organization also claims to fund projects and offer logistical services such as “optimal warehousing and cargo consolidation.”

The Panama Papers probe into offshore company ownership also uncovered an individual named Volovik. The individual named Volovik in the Panama Papers had a Moscow address and owned shares in a logistics company and finance corporation established in the British Virgin Islands.

ETW-Tekhnologiya’s business with Russia

According to customs data, the Dutch company also provides electrical equipment and products to fossil fuel companies that violate sanctions, Nieuwsuur reported. Volovik’s wife’s company, Mashpromexport, trades with Russian state fossil fuel firms Rosneft and Gazprom, as well as defense vehicle firm Remdizel, which is part of Rostec. The companies are all subject to Western sanctions.

Hans Develing, the Dutch company director of ETW-Tekhnologiya, denied any knowledge of conduct that could be interpreted as a violation of EU sanctions when Nieuwsuur contacted him. He tendered his resignation before Nieuwsuur published the report. His predecessor, Freek Snel, resigned in June after receiving information from “somebody in the Dutch government.”

According to the Dutch Customs Office, it is impossible to determine whether products transiting via Russia truly depart the country for their specified destination. So, this mechanism should also be considered in the EU’s efforts to halt sanctions evasion.

Sanctions circumvention means Russia’s military machine can still receive parts used in its military technology that fuel its war effort against Ukraine. Failing to stop Putin’s troops means bringing the conflict and its impact closer to the European Union.

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