German drone manufacturer opens plant in Ukraine

Quantum-Systems, a German drone manufacturer, has opened an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) plant in Ukraine, according to the Quantum-Systems press service

The company said in a statement that the new plant, which will be its second facility in Ukraine, will employ about 100 people by the end of the year.

The new plant will produce up to a thousand UAVs a year. Quantum-Systems expects the new plant to increase production capacity to a thousand drones per year, including the production of spare parts.

The company will invest up to six million euros over the next two years in UAV production in Ukraine.

Quantum Systems attracted attention at an early stage of the war of aggression by Russia with its engagement for Ukraine. The company is expanding this commitment with the new local production facility. The European drone champion from Munich, Germany has been supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the delivery of its reconnaissance drones and operates a local service, support, training and logistics center with 25 Ukrainian employees. 


Since May 2022, Quantum-Systems’ Vector medium-range drones have been in use in Ukraine. Kyiv has already received 212 systems thanks to funding from the German government. By the end of the year, the company expects to deliver 500 drones to Ukraine.

Drones, both reconnaissance and strike drones, have become an important factor in achieving success on the battlefield in the war between Russia and Ukraine. Experts and officials often mention that Ukraine needs technological solutions, including drones, to repel Russian attacks.

Since last year, Quantum-Systems has been operating a service, support, training, and logistics center in Ukraine, where drone pilots are trained and technological advances are implemented in intelligence systems on site. 

Quantum Systems is a dual-purpose company with seven factories located around the world.

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