Latvian President supports creation of a special tribunal for Russian war crimes in Ukraine

The President of Latvia supported the idea of creating a special tribunal to investigate Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.


Egils Levits said this at a ceremony in the Bundestag on November 13, DW reports. He called on the international community to investigate Russian military aggression against Ukraine and deliver a legal assessment. 

The Latvian president called the fact that the investigation of the Russian invasion still does not fall within the competence of any international court, a gap in international law.

Special Tribunal for Russia: will it be possible to convict the Russian leadership for war crimes?

There is an international mechanism that has already been successfully applied in world history – when it was necessary to deprive of power and bring to justice a war criminal, the President of Yugoslavia

“Without a world order based on international law, the world will again enter militant anarchy,” Levits said

The President of Latvia also proposed to create legal opportunities to send Russian assets frozen by Western countries to restore Ukraine.

Czech Republic also supported creation of a Special Tribunal for Russia

Earlier, the Czech Republic supported the idea of creating a Special Tribunal to punish the top Russian leadership for the war in Ukraine. This was written by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the republic Jan Lipavsky on Twitter.

“The Czech Republic belongs to the countries that would like to create a special tribunal that will judge the highest political leadership of Russia for crimes in Ukraine. Any political leaders of the state should be held responsible for unleashing the war,” the statement reads.

On the Moscow side, Dmitry Medvedev commented on the creation of tribunals to investigate Russia’s actions. As he stated, the attempt to punish the country with the largest nuclear potential “potentially poses a threat to the existence of mankind”.

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