Russian is arrested for espionage at an oil refinery in Sweden

One person was arrested at an oil refinery in Gothenburg. According to TV4 Nyheterna, it is a woman who is a Russian citizen and is suspected of corporate espionage.


The operation was carried out last Thursday and is being conducted in strict secrecy.

The police are being very secretive about the case, but according to TV4 Nyheterna, it is a woman who was arrested at the Preemraff oil refinery in Hisingen, Gothenburg. She is supposed to be a Russian citizen, sources told TV4 Nyheterna. She was later arrested, apparently suspected of corporate espionage.

According to journalists, several people were taken for questioning, and searches were conducted in different places.

Gothenburg police confirm that there was an operation, but do not want to comment.

Preemraff claims that the man was working in their facility when the police raided it.

“What we can confirm is that there was a police operation at our refinery in Gothenburg and the police detained a person on Thursday afternoon. The person in question is one of our subcontractors. Otherwise, we are contacting the responsible authorities,” says Dani BacktegPreemraff’s spokesperson.

The investigation is being led by District Attorney James von Reis.

“I can confirm that an individual was arrested in Gothenburg last night on suspicion of corporate espionage. I cannot say more than that for reasons of investigation, and this is at the beginning of the investigation,” he says.

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