Transnistria asks Russia to increase the number of “peacekeepers”

Unrecognized Transnistria has requested from Russia to increase the number of so-called Russian “peacekeepers” due to an alleged rise in security risks.

The so-called head of the “Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” representative office in the Russian Federation, Leonid Manakov, made the corresponding statement during an interview with the Russian mass media, which was published on Monday, May 8.

He claims that there are just 450 “peacekeepers” currently operating in the so-called security zone, compared to 3,100 employees who were listed in the Joint Control Commission’s documentation.

He points out that the possibility of increasing the number of Russians is justified by the alleged deterioration of the security situation, including the terrorist threat, and is also made legal by documents passed under the auspices of the Joint Control Commission.

Manakov added that Transnistria had requested more Russian “peacekeepers” on numerous occasions.

In his view, the Russian group’s manpower could be increased concurrently at the expense of the Russians living in Transnistria. It should be highlighted that these calls are related to the fact that Russia does not now possess a realistic opportunity to move its soldiers to this region of Moldova.

As was previously mentioned, the unrecognized “Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic” declared in March that a “terrorist attack” on government officials had been stopped, reportedly at the direction of the Security Service of Ukraine. Additionally, they mentioned that the accused had supposedly already been arrested and were testifying.

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