Ukrainian football fans’ banner to thank Germany for Leopard tanks

The topic of supporting Ukraine and supplying weapons to counter Russia’s war aggression has been toping discussions in the context of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ counter-offensive and new Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities.

The need to support Ukraine was also highlighted at sporting events. In their turn, Ukrainians express gratitude to Western countries for their vital assistance.

On 12 June, the football teams of Ukraine and Germany played a friendly match in Bremen, which ended with a draw 3:3.

Fans of the Ukrainian national team displayed a banner in the stands thanking Germany for the Leopard tanks it has provided to Ukraine.

The fans stretched out a banner depicting a leopard carrying a small boy on its back. In this way, Ukrainians thanked Germany for the Leopard tanks and asked for more aid.

The campaign was held under the slogan “Tanke Schön”, which is a wordplay based on similar pronunciation – “tanks” and “Danke”, which means “thank you” in German (danke schön means “thank you very much” in German).

The creative flash mob was organised by Ukrainian volunteers, artists and journalists. For the German national team, the game against Ukraine was the 1,000th in its history.

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