US condemns Putin’s irresponsible nuclear rhetoric, but sees no threat yet

US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller has condemned Russian president Vladimir Putin’s statements about the “risk of nuclear war,” noting that the United States currently sees no threat of Moscow using nuclear weapons.

The State Department spokesman noted that this is not the first time the United States has seen Vladimir Putin’s “irresponsible rhetoric.”

Putin’s “irresponsible rhetoric”

“This is not the way a leader of a nuclear-armed state should speak. We have spoken privately and directly with Russia before about the consequences of using nuclear weapons,” he added.

At the same time, Miller said, the United States sees “no indication that Russia is preparing to use nuclear weapons,” but will continue to monitor this closely.

On February 29, Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, where he spoke, among other things, about the “full readiness” of nuclear forces and was frightened of the consequences of a potential decision to involve NATO troops in Ukraine.

EU’s comments on Putin’s nuclear statements

The EU also commented on Russian president Putin’s statements. European Commission foreign policy spokesperson Peter Stano said during a briefing in Brussels that Putin’s ferry speech was nothing new.

“Viewing this speech in the context of the upcoming presidential elections in Russia is crucial. This is part of Putin’s re-election efforts,” Stano said.

On the other hand, he said, this is one of many examples of Putin trying to shift blame for the war he started against Ukraine and for the instability he is trying to create around Ukraine in the entire region.

“For him, this is another opportunity to spread a well-known lie. He continues to deceive his own nation and mislead the public abroad because there are those who still continue to listen to him,” the spokesman said.

According to him, it was Putin who started the war against Ukraine, and he is responsible for all the consequences: internal in Russia, regional in Ukraine, as well as global consequences.

Stano also emphasized that all of Putin’s nuclear threats are absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate.

“Putin is deceiving the nation; the nation is living under an iron fist and Stalin-style repression; the army is in a catastrophic state; the economy is collapsing; trust in the country is completely destroyed; and his efforts to destroy Ukraine have failed,” he said.

Commenting on Putin’s address, Latvian President Edgars Rinkēvičs called on the allies to help Ukraine more actively with weapons and to strengthen their own defense capabilities.

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