Bulgarian government approves new batch of military aid for Ukraine

The Bulgarian government has approved a new package of military and military-technical assistance to Ukraine. It was reported on the government website.

“The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria approved a new package of military and military-technical assistance to Ukraine,” the press service of the Council of Ministers said.

The government also stressed that providing this assistance would not affect the stockpile levels for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Bulgaria and their training and combat training.

In December December 2022, Bulgaria agreed to transfer light weapons and ammunition to Ukraine.

In early April, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defence identified Russian aggression as a direct threat to global peace. On April 6, Bulgaria closed its ports to Russian vessels under the EU’s sanctions implementation directive.

April 11 The Bulgarian Ministry of Defence confirms that negotiations are underway to provide Ukraine with MiG-29 fighter jets, provided it receives more modern combat aircraft from its Western partners.

On June 6, Defence Minister Todor Tagarev said that the new Bulgarian government was ready to provide military assistance to Ukraine. However, on June 20, Bulgarian President Rumen Radev said it would be a mistake to provide Ukraine with ammunition.

On June 21, the Bulgarian government announced a new aid package, which will include weapons and ammunition available in Bulgarian warehouses and not need to be purchased.

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