Dodik accused creating chaos in Bosnia and Herzegovina

On Saturday, Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik was accused by members of the Bosnia and Herzegovina presidency, Denis Beirovi and Zeljko Komi, of starting a crisis that might result in the breakup and outbreak of war. In response, Dodik stated that Republika Srpska would use all available means to defend itself against any attempts to overthrow its rule.

Following Dodik’s announcement that he would arrange for the signing of a unified declaration by parties represented in the RS parliament on Monday contesting BiH’s right to property as a state, there was a new exchange of insults.

Dodik insists that all real estate on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina that it inherited as state or public property is the property of the entity. In this way, he contradicts the decision of the BiH Constitutional Court, which prohibited organizations from disposing of this property until its status is regulated by a law adopted by the BiH parliament, Jutarnji list reports.

Now Dodik is calling on the RS parties to radicalize, meaning that if the state law on the property is adopted, all Serbs working in BiH institutions should leave these institutions, and the judges of the Constitutional Court should be the first to do so. His proposed statement also threatened to impose control over movement on the interstate border.

Beirovi responded on Saturday by stating that these actions would be “playing with fire” and have risky repercussions since they open the door for secession.

“Dodik’s separatist actions may endanger the peace process. People in the West need to realize that this has long been a security issue rather than a political one, Beirovi told reporters in Sarajevo.

Beirovi compared Dodik’s actions to those of Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, who started the war in BiH. He noted that Dodik does not currently possess even ten percent of its capability and cannot expect to succeed.

I caution him once more not to play with the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina because we have a lot more allies outside the nation. Beirovi asserted that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a nation stronger than any criminal.

Komi stated that Dodik was on his way “to the final separation” of RS from Bosnia and Herzegovina in a separate Facebook post on Saturday. He also asserted that HDZ leader Dragan Covi was aiding Dodik in some way by refusing to give in to their earlier demands. announced the collaboration.

Dodik quickly intervened and accused Beirovi of upsetting the peace.

Dodik warned them, “I would advise them not to play with big words and not to threaten with foreign weapons,” pointing out that Bosnian Serbs have before defended “their country” and would do so once more if required.

Milorad Dodik is a pro-Russian politician who supports Putin’s war in Ukraine. Dodik is an outspoken supporter of Russian President Vladimir Putin and during the war in Ukraine, he flew to Moscow to meet with him.

In particular, he promised to “respect” the results of Putin’s pseudo-referendums in Ukraine.

Dodik also supported Russia’s war against Ukraine and Russian propaganda about it.

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