The Hungarian government showed a video “about peace” with a map of Ukraine without Crimea

The Hungarian government has released a video with a map in which Russia-occupied Crimea is not part of Ukraine.

The video, titled “It’s Time for Peace,” was published on the Hungarian government’s YouTube channel. It shows footage of the destruction, with a voiceover saying that it can only be stopped by a “cease-fire” and calling for a seat at the negotiating table. The latter statement is illustrated by an image of a table with U.S., Russian, and Ukrainian flags on it.

The Hungarian government released a video with a map of Ukraine without Crimea

“Tens of thousands of children have been orphaned, hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed, and people have been forced to flee their country. But the war continues and could easily reach the world level. No more war. The destruction can only be stopped by a cease-fire. Lives can only be saved by starting peace negotiations,” the video says.

At the same time, the Russian-occupied Crimea is not marked on the map as part of Ukraine, and a mushroom cloud can be seen in its background.

Hungary’s position on the war

As we know, on the official level Hungary does not recognize the occupied Crimea as part of the Russian Federation. They also refused to recognize the pseudo-referendums that the Russians held in other occupied territories of Ukraine.

At the same time, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has repeatedly made anti-Ukrainian statements. He compared Ukraine to “Afghanistan,” calling it “no man’s land,” and also said that the Russian president “cannot afford to lose the war.”

In addition, Budapest opposes European sanctions against Russia and blocks a 500 million euro tranche of EU financial aid to Ukraine.

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