Corruption scandal sparks massive protests in Hungary

Thousands of protesters gathered in front of Budapest’s Parliament on March 26. They ask for the resignation of both the top prosecutor and Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

A former government official accused Orban’s senior assistant of attempting to intervene in a bribery case, prompting Hungarians to protest.

The protesters marched from the Prosecutor General’s Office to the parliament shouting “Resign, resign”, many with torches.

The cause of scandal 

Péter Magyar, a former Hungarian official and Varga’s ex-husband, and now an opposition activist and vocal Orbán’s opponent, has released an audio recording of former Justice Minister Judit Varga’s voice, in which she allegedly confirms a conspiracy by Hungarian government officials to cover up corruption. 

He posted a recording on Facebook and YouTube in which Varga’s voice describes how other government officials had evidence removed from court records to hide their role in corrupt business deals.

Magyar has spoken out against official corruption in Hungary, accusing Orban of fostering an oligarchic system where the rich enrich themselves through unfairly awarded government contracts. 

In particular, he targeted Antal Rogan, the head of Prime Minister Orban’s department, who also runs Orban’s media monopoly.

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