Threat of power outages in Moldova due to Russian missile attacks

During a massive Russian attack on December 5, one of the missiles fell in Moldova. As the result, there is the threat of power outages in the country.

This was reported by the Moldelectrica state operator. The company also noted that they did not record any blackouts of consumers that day.

There was a slight drop in voltage, but it didn’t harm any of the equipment.

Energy experts spoke about the risks of power cuts for consumers in Moldova after Russia’s massive missile attack on Ukraine. They said that this time outages were avoided and there were no blackouts.

However, at 2:26 p.m. and 2:30 p.m., a small voltage drop was recorded in some nodes. However, it was not critical and later everything returned to normal.

The capacity reserve in the Moldovan power system helped us avoid a drop in the frequency of the network and the disconnection of consumers from electricity, explained Moldelectrica.

What is known about the fall of the rocket in Moldova

On Monday, December 5, the Russians attempted another massive attack on the territory of Ukraine. After the air raid alert began, explosions in various regions of the country were reported.

During the attack against Ukraine, one of the missiles fell again in Moldova. Local mass media reported that it was a S-300 type missile.

Oleksiy Danilov, Ukraine’s Secretary of the National Security Council, expressed his confidence that the missile belongs to Russia. After the incident, the Russian diplomat Oleg Vasnetsov was expelled from Moldova.

Explosive technicians investigated the danger of the fallen rocket. They said that there are no risk of an explosion.

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