A ship with Ukrainian grain reached Istanbul, Russia failed to block it

A loaded Chinese-German container ship that left the Ukrainian port of Odesa arrived safely in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ukraine has proven that it can export grain despite Moscow’s unilateral termination of the Grain deal, while Russia has shown that it cannot restrict traffic in the Black Sea. The Russians failed to block Ukraine’s ability to export its products through the Black Sea.

The container ship Joseph Schulte arrived from Odesa to Istanbul

The container ship Joseph Schulte, which left the port of Odesa through a temporary sea corridor on 16 August, has arrived in the port of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara – its final destination, Reuters reported. On board, the ship is more than 30 thousand tonnes of cargo (2114 containers), mainly food.

Shipping websites informed about the route: the vessel was taking a western route, avoiding international waters in favour of those controlled by NATO members Romania and Bulgaria.

Joseph Schulte belongs to the maritime services company Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement. Last week, the Navy announced temporary corridors for merchant ships to and from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports. Hope for Ukrainian exports by sea has returned for a good reason.

Ukraine proved it can export its grain through Black Sea despite Russian threats

It is planned that ships stationed there since the beginning of the war will leave Ukrainian ports along this route. This is what the representatives of Ukrainian cargo transport companies said – if the attempt works, more and more ships will use the route. After all, only Turkish vessels were blocked in Ukrainian ports.

Ukrainian President Zelensky called the ship’s passage through the corridor, in which Russia does not participate, “an important step towards restoring freedom of navigation in the Black Sea”.

Despite Russia’s announcement on 17 July that it was withdrawing its security guarantees and maritime humanitarian corridor in the north-western waters of the Black Sea, the ships still can pass through.

Russia showed it cannot restrict traffic in Black Sea

Russia has become a crazy hysteric in the Black Sea. It screams and threatens neighbours, but no one pays attention. Its fleet in Crimea cannot prevent foreign ships from entering Ukrainian ports.

Ukraine has managed to find an agreement with China, which is trying to remain neutral and has not yet condemned Putin’s war. Ukraine is safely exporting 30,000 tonnes of cargo. Meanwhile, Russia is looking for new ways to deliver its shipment, as its ships are now insecure due to the presence of Ukrainian sea drones.

Actually, Russia lost when it stated it would not renew the Grain deal. Ukrainian grain export can operate without Moscow. Russia is spending millions on missile strikes on Ukraine’s port infrastructure.

Thanks to modern Western air defence systems Ukraine managed to protect its ports. At the same time, Ukrainians quietly found new ways to transfer their grain.

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