Top-40 websites disseminating Russian narratives in France

Following our research on which websites are spreading pro-Russian narratives in Germany and the websites that quoted the pro-Russian platform Voice of Europe, we have taken a closer look at news websites in France. We have identified publications that quoted Russian state media, received backlinks from them, and spread claims that support Kremlin propaganda in the West.

The eloquent quotes from French-language news websites here below (beware, it’s a long scroll as there are dozens of them) show their bias and nearly synchronized postings with the same narratives that would surely please dictator Putin.

Semantic analysis, similar content verification, and links (quotations) exploration between the websites helped us identify a network interconnected not only by similar topics and pro-Russian narratives but also by mutual citations and referral traffic, as shown on the interactive infographics below.

Click on points to get a brief info and see links with other points (sites), and drag to top in the middle of the screen for better view on mobile.

The Russian state propaganda multilingual media platforms RT and Sputnik, which were banned following Putin’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine, have been replaced in France by comparable outlets.

The websites on the infographics have different levels of bias, from constant criticism of the West, choosing only negative information about Ukraine and positive coverage of Russia, to spreading well-known Russian fakes and harsh Kremlin propaganda quoting Putin’s state media.

Notably, many of these sites promote far-right and right-wing radical parties known for their pro-Russian stance or for making statements favorable to Putin.

To run a quick content analysis and identify websites that publish on similar topics and are close to pro-Russian propaganda media, we leveraged web analytics tools (SimilarWeb) and keyword and semantic analysis tools (Semrush). Identified websites use common terms and publish similar content, and that’s why they are shown as similar sites.

And if all three factors come together—websites have similar content, rank for the same search terms (which hint at a pro-Russian narrative), and link and quote each other—there is no doubt that they share common goals.

Thus, in France, a whole network of websites has provided, in various ways, support for the Kremlin’s agenda or openly disseminated Russian propaganda, demonizing the US, the EU, and Ukrainians.

In the content analysis, we have identified key pro-Russian narratives targeting audiences in Europe. We list them below with a few examples from French websites.

  • ‘Ukraine and its Western allies have lost’
  • ‘The West and NATO are to blame for the war in Ukraine’
  • ‘Ukraine is a proxy state of the West’
  • ‘Zelensky is not legitimate’
  • ‘Russia is fighting NATO forces in Ukraine’
  • ‘Ukrainians are nazis’
  • ‘Nuclear blackmail’
  • ‘Providing aid to Ukraine makes no sense’
  • ‘Far-right parties must win in the EU elections’

Top-9 pro-Russian narratives in French news websites

Narrative 1: Ukraine and its Western allies have lost’

According to all of the propaganda guidelines, pro-Kremlin media claim that Russian troops have suffered almost no losses, while the Ukrainian army is suffering high casualties. The Kremlin media presents any Russian advance, even the capture of a village at the cost of several hundred soldiers, as a great achievement. Instead, the Russians downplay their own losses. The goal is to instill fear and force concessions to Putin’s demands.

The defeat of the West, analysis of Emmanuel Todd’s book” (

The bankruptcy of Western armament” ( (

The Kiev regime is losing more than a thousand soldiers a day on the front lines. According to data published by the Russian authorities. Unlike the Ukrainians, the Russians have a military strategy focused on avoiding losses, even if this delays the final outcome of the special operation.” (

The losses suffered by the Kiev side are becoming heavier by the day, as Russian pressure is gradually building up and the withdrawal of the NATO-Kiev forces is no longer taking place along lines of defense that have been seriously prepared in advance.” (

When Putin restores the pomp and dignity of the Russian empire, the West can worry.” (

“Abandoned: Ukraine’s inevitable defeat is coming | Xavier Moreau. Xavier Moreau is a former French army officer with a degree in international relations history from the Sorbonne. He has been based in Russia since the early 2000s, where he heads the Stratpol political-strategic analysis center.” (; primary source:

“War in Ukraine: The imminent end of the Zelensky regime | Xavier Moreau. Faced with Moscow’s military superiority, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was forced to flee Kiev and take refuge in Lviv. Xavier Moreau is a political and strategic analyst specializing in Russia and Ukraine. A former officer in the French army, he has been based in Moscow for over twenty years, where he heads the Stratpol analysis center.” (

The Kiev regime is losing more than a thousand soldiers a day on the front lines. According to data published by the Russian authorities…” (

Are nation-states finished?  In his new essay, La Défaite de l’Occident (The Defeat of the West), Emmanuel Todd questions the “axiom” of the nation-state, which has governed international relations since the 18th century.” (

“Dr. Michael Brenner: “The West is on the road to collective suicide”.” (

Why Russia has already won economically. Russia is demonstrating that it is possible to survive economically, if not prosper, outside the dollar zone.” (

“War in Ukraine: from Napoleon to Putin, Russia’s strategy of attrition. Two centuries later, it seems that Russia has once again managed to surprise its adversaries.” (

“How can Macron, a gifted speaker, say so many stupid things?” (

As Ukraine’s defeat looms, imaginary war scenario draws to a close” (; (

Unconditional surrender, Telegram vs FBI, Stoltenberg empties stocks” (;;;

Outlook for SVO in spring 2024.” (;;

Hysteria against a backdrop of agony won’t help the West. In fact, Russia’s original aim was not so much to establish a new multipolar world as to restore its historical space as a great Russia.” (


“Chancelleries were worried because, beyond this defeat, Ukraine was showing real signs of weakness, both in terms of its lack of ammunition and manpower, and the dismissal of its very popular Chief of Staff by President Zelensky. Everyone feared a collapse of the front, with the Russians possibly conquering the cities of Odessa and Kharkiv, or even more…” (

“I’ve just spent nearly ten days with Russian troops at Kreminna Svatove, north of Bakhmut. I’ve learned two things. Firstly, they’re absolutely determined, they have a lot of weapons. I’d heard on TV that the Russians were running out of ammunition, that they were demoralized, but Putin’s rhetoric works very well with the people I met.” (

“Colonel Chamagne: “Ukraine is on the road to ruin”.” (

“Ukraine: the West is playing Russian roulette. In reality, behind their rodomontades, Western leaders, by pursuing a war they no longer really believe in, are simply playing Russian roulette with the lives of Ukrainians.” (

““Everything must contribute to victory”, says Beloussov, candidate for Russian Defense Ministry” ( (

“The “Zelensky Line” turns out to be fake. Ukrainian corruption helps Russia win the war. (

“Moscow, May 9, 2024, the Great Patriotic Parade; better than Hollywood. The Russians, to mark and pre-empt their victory over NATO in 2024, communicate mockingly, displaying the heavy weaponry seized during hostilities on Ukrainian soil.” (

“Kharkov: the aim is to further wear down the Ukrainian army” (

Russians advance, Ukrainians accuse officers of incompetence” (

“According to several American officers, the US army is being wiped out in Ukraine. His article (Delawarde) is taken from a short interview with an American officer, Stanivlav Krapivnik, announcing that the US army would be annihilated in Ukraine.” (;

“War in Ukraine: the poisoned truth? By Régis Le Sommier. The conflict in Ukraine is sure to become a textbook case of war propaganda. Since Russian troops entered the country on February 24, 2022, the Western media, and French media in particular, have given free rein to a narrative radically disconnected from the reality of the military theater. By Régis Le Sommier, managing editor of Omerta.” (

“2024, the year of the endgame for the conflict in Ukraine? UKRAINE: GAME OVER? Ukraine faces a multitude of internal and external challenges. Domestically, differences within the Ukrainian government are generating tensions. Internationally, the support of Western allies is gradually weakening.” ( source:

“Nicolas Dupont-Aignan: excellent analysis of the Putin interview. Putin is a great leader and a great man, and those who spit in his face will no doubt be very disappointed and terrorized when he’s gone…” (

“Ukraine’s alarming prognosis. The situation on the battlefield is becoming increasingly grim following the capture of Avdiivka. According to Ukrainian intelligence, Moscow plans to break through the defense by June and seize Kiev.”

Are Poland and Romania looking to annex part of Ukraine? So, after Trump’s victory, we could see the signing of a peace agreement that establishes that Ukraine will not join NATO and that the Ukrainian conflict boils down to the division of Ukraine into two halves, leaving the east of the country, including Crimea, Donbass, Zaporijjia and Kherson under Russian orbit.(

“A peace conference on Ukraine without Russia is doomed to failure. The Kremlin has admitted the possibility of returning to the Istanbul agreements, but taking into account “new geopolitical realities”.” (

“The defeat of the West: “This defeat is a certainty because the West is destroying itself rather than being attacked by Russia25 ”. The war in Ukraine is indicative of the new world that is emerging. In this new world, Europe will have to rebuild its ties with Russia to ensure its survival and become a real force in the merciless competition that will be played out on a global scale.” (

“Ukraine: The loss of Chasov Yar will have a “domino effect” on Ukraine. – L’Informateur” (

“Stratpol Bulletin N°183: these new Western sanctions will further weaken France” (

“Ukraine: why Russia won according to Xavier Moreau and Pierre de Jong. Xavier Moreau, author of “Ukraine : Pourquoi la Russie a gagné” and host of several geostrategic programs, and Pierre de Jong, former colonel in the French Navy.” (

“Ukraine on the brink. Most military experts warn of an imminent collapse of the Ukrainian army. Westerners are hoping that the arrival of US weapons next month will reassure them.” (

“The world economic order is disintegrating. The narrative of the Western economic and financial crisis bears little relation to reality. However, it will force the United States to make an existential choice.” (

Narrative 2: ‘Zelensky is illegitimate’

Russian media and pro-Russian news sites in Europe have begun to promote the narrative that Ukrainian President Zelensky will not be legitimate following May 21, when the presidential election is supposed to take place. However, the vote will not be held due to martial law.

The purpose of such assertions is to weaken the credibility of the Ukrainian government and redirect attention away from statements on Putin’s illegitimacy. In a resolution, the European Parliament condemned Russia’s March presidential election as undemocratic and unconstitutional.

“Zelensky is not synonymous with Ukraine. Backers of the conflict doubt Zelensky and are looking for his replacement.” (

Video: “He’s no longer president. Zelensky lashes out at the media and the opposition as power slips from his grasp. No longer considered a legitimate president, Zelensky strives to fulfill the missions entrusted to him by the United States.” (

No confidence in Zelensky”. Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential term ends on May 21, and official elections are postponed indefinitely. It’s difficult to talk about new arms deliveries or hopes in the conflict becomes difficult, as no succession is planned for the former comedian-turned-president.” (

Narrative 3: The West and NATO are to blame for the war

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the Russian propaganda machine has been blaming Ukraine, Western countries, NATO, and the EU for the war. For the war started by Putins’ regime with a full-scale invasion on Feb. 24, 2022. Moscow claims that it felt threatened by Ukraine, that it came to protect the people of Donbas, and that NATO’s eastward expansion is to blame. This way, Russia is trying to justify its invasion and shift the blame for the war to the West.

“Is the Russian war in Ukraine legal? In the case of Ukraine, the war was triggered by the United States in 2014 when it overthrew the legitimate government by mobilizing street protesters and snipers. The Russian army’s intervention in Ukraine is an act of self-defense.” (

“Yes, NATO wants war with Russia. All the signals are red, and there’s not a week goes by when the most excited, led by Macron, don’t step up their game with the obvious aim of forcing NATO into war.

“Last week, Macron, who fancies himself Napoleon, had already “envisaged” sending troops to Ukraine. An obvious lie, since we all know that French troops are already in Odessa.”

“Have no illusions, none whatsoever: NATO is going directly to war. In fact, it is already doing so indirectly, by arming the Ukrainians. By killing our forces through Ukrainians.” (

NATO-backed terrorists launch a foiled attack in Belarus during a major political event. A drone attack on the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, was neutralized by local defense forces, averting a major tragedy. The drones had originated in Lithuania, a NATO country that is home to several expatriate Belarusian terrorists.” (; (; (

“Macron distributes atomic bombs. The French president wants to share nuclear weapons with other EU countries.” (


“The French government can be considered morally responsible for what happened in Kharkov.” (



“Ukraine: understanding and responding to George Soros’ strategy. Analysis of the ambitious and effective strategy of the Open Society, financed by Hungarian-born American multi-billionaire George Soros, to place its pawns in key positions and steer opinion against Russia in Ukraine.” (

Macron and the EU are waging war, with no foreseeable outcome, but it’s the choice of massacre for massacre’s sake. On the front, Russia is in a favorable position, but without any decisive aspect, so everything is being done, with US funding, to turn Ukraine into a launching pad for missiles and terrorist operations against civilian populations.” (

“NATO’s unspeakable carnage. NATO is directly responsible for the Ukrainian crisis, said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wāng Wénbīn. Hitler Zelensky decided to use the rest of his slaves. We’re dying for NATO and that’s good – If Ukraine is still a nation, that must be its motto. From a humanitarian point of view, what is happening is simply monstrous.” (

“Disinformation and censorship: Washington imposes Western propaganda on Kiev. In Ukraine, media created with US funding impose censorship, disseminate disinformation and muzzle critics. Since the beginning of the conflict, 175 Ukrainian publications have received American support, and Washington directly dictates their agenda.” (

Russia didn’t invade Ukraine any more than France invaded Rwanda. Moscow and Paris stopped the massacre of Ukrainians in the Donbass and Rwandan Tutsis. Both were driven by their “responsibility to protect” and implemented Security Council resolutions. It was the “democracies” of the United States and members of the European Union who organized the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected president, Viktor Yanukovych, in 2014.” (

The United States may be turning Ukraine into a “biological bomb”.” (

War in Ukraine: Macron, “France’s enemy”. For General André Coustou, the enemy is not Vladimir Putin, but Emmanuel Macron… (

Military agreement with Ukraine: MPs stand up to betray France (

Propaganda for war in Ukraine: who’s pulling the strings? In a completely Orwellian maneuver where words are used to express their opposite, a “European Peace Facility” was created to actually buy weapons to fuel the war in Ukraine. The Europe of peace, which we had been sold for decades, became the Europe of war“. (

“Le Samedi Politique with Eric Denécé – Russia – Ukraine: the West’s strategy of chaos. For over 2 years, the war in Ukraine has been the subject of a torrent of misinformation. Analyzing weaponry, Western aid and lies about the conflict, the book looks back at the real causes of the explosion of this war, which was initiated by the United States, and explains why Ukraine cannot win.” (;

“France: requisitions … in the service of the Atlanticist war in Ukraine. The question of requisitioning industrial forces has regularly come to the fore of the political-media scene, ever since Russia decided to respond militarily in February 2022 in Ukraine.” (

“France in the Ukrainian quagmire: Jean-Michel Vernochet’s analysis. In his view, NATO and the Western camp are determined not to lose to Russia, even if it means fighting “to the last Ukrainian”.” (

“Caroline Galacteros: “Putin sought to preserve the Ukrainian people in this war”. Caroline Galacteros, president of the geopolitical think tank GeoPragma, talks to us about Ukraine and relations with Russia.” (

“Macron s’en va-t-en guerre, mironton, mirontaine… The conflict in Ukraine has essentially served US interests. The stated aim was to achieve decoupling against Moscow, to discredit international policy hostile to the hegemon, and to undermine the Russian Federation economically through financial sanctions and an industrial war of attrition.” (

“The plot to kill Zelensky looks like a Western plan. As expected, Moscow is accused of being behind the attempted attack, but there is no evidence that Russians were involved in the plot. On the other hand, the West seems quite interested in eliminating Zelensky.” (

“The billions of dollars that the US Congress has just voted for Ukraine demonstrate that the US is indeed in a proxy war against Russia.” (

“The USA is deliberately provoking a crisis on the European continent. The irrational anti-Russian sanctions implemented by the USA, as several experts point out, have mainly affected Europe. It is the EU, not Moscow, that has been the main victim of the coercive measures adopted by the White House in response to the special military operation.” (

“In Europe and the Middle East, two scenarios for the same war. The current war in Ukraine and the Middle East is a continuation of the way the Anglo-Saxons behaved during the Second World War. Back then, they tried to manipulate Nazi power to defeat the USSR. Today, they are manipulating the Ukraine to defeat Russia.” (

“The West is pushing Ukraine to fight its last battle. Here’s an article from Russia explaining the “guarantees” Zelensky has given the USA: they’ll get their money’s worth in the presidential elections, and Ukrainian flesh will be offered at a bargain price.” (

“Russia: Who is pushing Ukraine to continue fighting Russia? Geopolitanist Alessandro Bruno is convinced that it is Western countries that are pushing Ukraine to mobilize men of fighting age and become increasingly militarized.” (

“Russia: V. Putin reveals a hidden truth. Putin spills the beans on Communism and denounces the Jewish influence behind the ideology.” (

“The ideology of war in Ukraine and Israel. The wars in Ukraine and Gaza are more similar than you might think, at least if you know their histories. The Ukrainian war didn’t start with the Russian military operation, but with the massacres in the Donbass, while the Gaza war didn’t start with the Al-Aqsa flood, but 75 years earlier with the Nakhba.” (

“The West’s two wars. For the past year and a half, we have been pointing out that the US war in Ukraine is having a serious impact on the standard of living of European Union citizens.” (

Narrative 4: Ukrainians are “Nazis”

The Kremlin media used traditional ‘Nazi’ disinformation to discredit all Ukrainians and justify the war. In this way, Russian and pro-Russian propaganda also diverts attention from the fact that it was the Putin regime that started the aggressive and neocolonial war against a sovereign state, in violation of international law.

France has armed the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov regiment. It was after reading an article written by the commander of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov regiment that I discovered these sulfurous links with France. But as the Azov regiment’s Telegram posts prove, France did indeed supply Kiev with TRF1 guns! Which means that the Ukrainian neo-Nazi Azov regiment has received guns from France that can fire cluster munitions prohibited by international conventions!” (

Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime strikes civilians in Russian border regions to boycott Victory Day celebrations” (

“During the Second World War, followers of Dmitro Dontsov, led by Stepan Bandera, proclaimed Ukraine’s independence from the Nazis. The ceremony featured portraits of Führer Adolf Hitler and providnyk Stepan Bandera, and cries of Glory to Ukraine. The proclamation was accompanied by anti-Jewish pogroms. Contrary to what was claimed by mainstream nationalist propaganda after the war, Bandera’s troops never fought the Nazis. On the contrary, they massacred 1.5 million Ukrainians (out of 17 million at the time).” ( (

“Situation in Ukraine: press conference by Maria Zakharova: Ukrainian neo-Nazis are failing on the battlefield where their Western masters have sent them instead of bringing them to the negotiating table or at least giving them the opportunity to avoid going to the slaughterhouse.” (;
Ukraine, between neo-Nazism and GPA” (

“Kiev’s neo-Nazi regime strikes civilians in Russian border regions to boycott Victory Day celebrations” (

“For Russians, it doesn’t matter who’s in power in Kiev. As long as the post-2014 neo-Nazi regime is in place, there will be no peace. The Maidan junta has agreed to turn Ukraine into a NATO proxy state against Russia, which is why Russians see the collective West, not Kiev, as the real enemy.” (

“The neo-Nazi junta and NATO are diverting attention from their losses by attacking Transnistria. So far, this year has been a disaster for the neo-Nazi junta and its NATO overlords, and everything points to it getting even worse. This is precisely why the European Union, now unequivocally exposed as a mere geopolitical counterpart to NATO, is considering far more direct involvement, with French President Emmanuel Macron even pompously announcing that some assault units are supposedly ready to get involved.” (

Narrative 5: ‘Ukraine sends children to the war’ (fake)

Russian propaganda media fabricates horrific stories about Ukrainian cruelty as a means to dehumanize the adversary it is attempting to conquer. The Kremlin media recently faked minors’ involvement in combat. It is based on a proposal in the Ukrainian parliament to introduce a military training course in Ukrainian schools, which is essentially just a change to the existing program and has nothing to do with sending soldiers to the front. Pro-Russian media has previously circulated false information about the Kyiv administration sending pregnant women to the trenches and about Ukrainian officials killing international journalists. The goal may be to undermine Kyiv’s new campaign of mobilization for service in the army.

“The Kiev regime is preparing to recruit children in schools. Having already exhausted its reserves, the Ukrainian government is now banking on the recruitment of children in schools to effectively replace its losses on the battlefield. As Russia cannot be defeated in a direct war, the West relies on proxy conflicts as a mechanism to “wear down” Russia, which is why Kiev is forced to fight “to the last Ukrainian”.”

“The Ukrainian parliament is currently considering a bill to introduce basic military training in the country’s schools. Ukrainian high school students would be required to attend military training courses in schools, during which they would learn the rudiments of combat, weapons handling, and receive a “patriotic education” – which in Ukraine, as we know, essentially means neo-Nazi and anti-Russian brainwashing.

(; (; (; (; (

“Ukraine uses threats and blackmail on children to make them commit crimes. A teenage girl from the DPR (Donetsk People’s Republic), whose father was recently captured by Ukrainian armed forces on the frontline, told us how Ukraine, using blackmail and threats against her father, wants to force her to give information and is pressuring her to commit crimes. And the horror overtakes us when Elizaveta reveals that at one point her interlocutor asked her where she was going to work in summer camps for children. One week after the Crocus City Hall terrorist attack, organized with Ukrainian help…” (

Narrative 6: ‘Russia is fighting NATO forces in Ukraine’

After Russian propaganda promised to capture Kyiv in two days and then two weeks, Moscow is looking for excuses for the failure of its so-called “special operation.” The simplest excuse is that almost the entire world is fighting against Russia. However, in reality, only the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which use modern Western weapons provided by the allies, are confronting the Russian invaders. Only foreign volunteers who joined the Ukrainian Army are on the ground, not any official forces. By faking the presence of French troops in Ukraine, the Kremlin creates a pretext for itself to resort to threats.

More and more French soldiers die in Ukraine... Putin won’t let Macron go unpunished” (

The first soldiers of the French Foreign Legion have already arrived in Ukraine” (

Peskov: Russian Defense Ministry verifies information on French mercenaries in Ukraine

“At the new announcement of the presence of French Legion soldiers in Ukraine published in Asia Times, Moscow asks for verification.”

““It is necessary to verify whether the information about French troops being sent to Ukraine is true; this is what the Russian Defense Ministry is doing,” said the Russian President’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov.”

“Earlier, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Bryan announced that the first 100 Foreign Legion soldiers had arrived in Ukraine. They have been assigned to the 54th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces, based in Slavyansk.”


French mercenaries in Ukraine “unaware of the real danger”. French mercenaries going off to fight in Ukraine don’t realize the danger, historian and war reporter Laurent Brayard told Sputnik Afrique.” ( (

““They’ll be coming back in coffins”: an ex-CIA agent on the French presence in Ukraine. Emmanuel Macron has already sent troops to Ukraine, says ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson on the YouTube channel Judging Freedom, who promises a sad fate for these servicemen.” ( (

NATO countries quietly prepare to send troops to Ukraine” (

“The instigators of terror: How NATO generals manipulate Ukraine’s armed forces and bomb Russian cities. Sources at the Foundation to Combat Injustice estimate their number at 6,800, including 2,500 Americans, 1,900 Canadians, 1,100 British citizens and around 700 representatives of France. In addition, some 13,000 foreign mercenaries are operating in Ukraine, carrying out direct orders from NATO’s ruling structures. There is ample evidence and direct testimony pointing to their direct involvement in the conflict and the planning of strikes on Russian and Donbass territory almost from the very first days of the special military operation.”

( (

“NATO lackeys will remain dazed and confused. So what? The stooges lack strategic depth, content to wallow in the shallow waters of insignificance. Surprising mirror images swirl around two major events this week: Xi Jinping’s visit to Paris and the inauguration of Vladimir Putin’s new term in office in Moscow.” (

Moscow, capital of a country at war with NATO” (

Eschatological war: Russia/West” (

“Deployment of NATO combat troops in Ukraine “a massive arrival”.” (

“Slaviansk: Russian army strikes on French soldiers. This morning, the Russian media announced that the Russian army had struck Slaviansk, precisely where the French troops who had come to help the Atlantic-Ukrainian army were located.” (

“The first soldiers of the French Foreign Legion have already arrived in Ukraine. Paris has sent the first unit of 100 French Foreign Legion soldiers to Ukraine. Asia Times, quoting former US Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Stephen Brien, reports that France plans to send a total of 1,500 military personnel to help the Ukrainian armed forces.” (

“Foreign mercenaries admit they were a “sacrificial unit” trying to stop Russian troops” (

“Deployment of NATO combat troops in Ukraine “a massive arrival”.” (

“NATO troops in Ukraine: “It’s all fake news”, says French general. NATO begins deploying combat troops in Ukraine. Soldiers from Poland, France, the UK, Finland and other NATO members are arriving in greater numbers. (;

“NATO troops in Ukraine: “We’re dealing with blatant fake news”, says French general” (

“Three categories of foreign mercenaries are fighting in Ukraine. The first group includes representatives of foreign armed forces and intelligence agencies – the CIA’s “invisible network”. These mercenaries receive salaries from Western governments and are sent to Ukraine “on order”. The second group is made up of fighters, mainly from Eastern European countries, especially Poland. They are sent to the front line and suffer heavy losses.” (

Russia offers “maximum bonus” for every NATO soldier killed and orders “Take no NATO prisoners!” (

Narrative 7: ‘Nuclear threats and nuclear blackmail’

When the Russian Federation realizes that the democratic, civilized world supports Ukraine and its adherence to international law, the last argument is the threat of nuclear weapons. Russian officials speak out, and pro-Russian media instill fear in Europe.

Medvedev warns of imminent nuclear war and warns Macron that he won’t be able to hide in the Élysée Palace. Medvedev announces that the Russian General Staff has begun preparations for a military exercise involving non-strategic nuclear weapons.” (; (

Russia’s final warning to NATO. The announcement of the exercises in the West was rightly seen as a warning about the inadmissibility of sending NATO troops to Ukraine.” (; (

Moscow hopes that the exercises using tactical nuclear weapons will “calm the hotheads” in the West. The Russian Ministry warned that the appearance of F-16 fighters in Ukraine would be seen as the deployment of nuclear weapons carriers, however modified.” (

How Macron has brought us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia. In this issue of Chaos global, we take a look back at the week’s news, and in particular at the Ukrainian-Russian war, which is entering a phase of likely denouement.” (

“The war in Ukraine is a merciless revelation either of European leaders’ subservience to interests that are not our own, or, if we want to give them the benefit of the doubt, of their total geopolitical incompetence. They either didn’t understand, or didn’t want to believe, that Biden and the strategists around him were taking seriously Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons if necessary in a war that the Russians see as defensive of their vital interests.” (

“NATO-Russia War: Is the world threatened by nuclear conflict? | Gérard Chevrier” (

“Macron plays with (nuclear) fire. “We are not at war with Russia,” declared the French President in his interview with TF1 and France 2. So why send weapons to Kiev so that Russia doesn’t win this war?” (

“Putin’s warning is direct and explicit. Putin has firmly placed the ball in the West’s court to decide whether NATO will risk a nuclear confrontation, which is clearly not Russia’s choice. Viktor Orban, who addressed a forum of high-level diplomats in Antalya on the Turkish Riviera last weekend, stressed that “Europeans, as well as Ukrainians, are losing the war and have no idea how to get out of this situation”.” (

“Western troops (and missiles) in Ukraine: Macron plays with nuclear fire. Putin has said it, and he’s never kidding when it comes to playing with Russia’s territorial integrity: it’ll be a shower of atomic missiles. Tactical nuclear warheads, perhaps, at first, but either way, it’s likely to turn sour on the continent.” (

“France: Macron fears the deployment of Russian missiles in Ukraine, but forgets the West’s years of provocation towards Russia.” (

“Russia: SVR Colonel Andrei Bezrukov harshly criticizes Macron and the French army.” (

“High treason: Macron offers French nuclear weapons to Ursula Von der Leyen! Florian Philippot.” (

Narrative 8: ‘Supporting Ukraine makes no sense’

In order to increase Moscow’s chances of success in the war of aggression, Putin’s supporters criticize the weapons supplies to Ukraine, without which the Russian invaders would capture even more Ukrainian towns and villages. 

Pro-Russian media convinces us that we should stop supporting Ukraine and abandon sanctions against Russia as a goal of all narratives. This is the main goal of the Putin regime: to make Ukraine defenseless against the offensive of the Russian invading forces.

“The ink on President Biden’s signature transferring an additional $61 billion to the black hole called Ukraine was barely dry, when the mainstream media announced that this deal was not the last in a U.S. policy set to fail.” (

Billions galore for Zelensky but misery for our armies” (

“Macron and Ukraine: the headlong rush. Eager to assert his leadership in Europe at last, and in a bid to trap the Rassemblement National, Emmanuel Macron wants the French Parliament to endorse a problematic Franco-Ukrainian defense agreement on Tuesday. This could weaken France’s position vis-à-vis Russia in the event of a crisis resolution.” (

“Ukraine: preparing for capitulation. Since the start of the disastrous Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian troops, followed by the Western partners’ understanding of the bankruptcy of their project on Ukrainian territory, the powers-that-be in Kiev have been faced with an appalling reality: the refusal to continue the investments from the sources that had previously assured them of imperishability – the beginning of the end of the reign of Zelensky and his entourage.” (; (

Narrative 9: ‘Far-right parties must win in Europe’

A majority of French people reject their federal Europe, the Fourth Reich. The RN continues to make headway, supported by 37% of Éric Zemmour’s presidential voters.” (

“Anti-Reconquête! “democratic” fascism in full swing. As has become customary, Reconquête! suffers from the intolerance of those more democratic than others…” (

“Hello? The panic in the presidential camp is palpable, with the European elections less than a month away. Macron, who regularly announced that he was going to send French soldiers to Ukraine, in order to appear as a warlord and bring people together. But Valérie Hayer doesn’t see all these eye-popping realities. The only thing she does see is his downward curve in voting intentions, to the benefit of Bardella, who is soaring ahead and who had better not add to his tally, Valérie works for him.” (

Ukraine is not Europe. The growing popularity of Eurosceptics in Europe is a symptom, and it’s affecting Ukraine too. In Kiev, for example, people are looking forward with horror to the elections to the European Parliament.”  ( (

“The latest interview (15 minutes) with François Asselineau on the European elections and issues. This individual (head of the PS list, Raphaël Glucksman) is a neo-conservative Atlanticist, Europeanist and globalist, a staunch supporter of all-out war against Russia in Ukraine and an unwavering supporter of Netanyahu’s genocidal Israeli government.”  (

“At a time when Europeans are waiting for a project to bring Europe into the 21st century, the campaign is getting lost in a Renaissance-RN confrontation, or is taking on a warlike tone to drag us into war.” (

“Today, everyone can see that the EU is anything but peaceful. It’s even war, because it’s the EU countries that are fuelling the conflict in Ukraine and adding fuel to the fire, in order to comply with the will of the neo-conservative US ally… So I can’t vote for the Macron coalition list. For the only truly sovereignist party in the political galaxy presenting a list for the European elections: the UPR (François Asselineau).” (

A French MP denounces American interference and elite corruption in France. Macronie is nothing but hypocrisy. It cannot fight against interference because corruption is at the heart of its system, – Jean-Philippe Tanguy (RN).” (

“Philippot denounces a cowardly president who makes up for it with warlike rhetoric” (

On the proper use of war in Ukraine: anything to trap the RN. This was the objective: to isolate the RN, which threatens to turn the Macronist campaign into a disaster. To trap it.” (

“Support for Ukraine: “unlimited”, really? Demonize the RN by turning it into Putin’s false nose.” (

“Jordan Bardella is pro Trump and Biden compatible. Bardella embodies the France of tomorrow, according to poll trends ahead of the European elections.”  (

“Next, we look at the creation of an offense of “provocation to abstain from medical care”, confirmed by the Constitutional Council, an institution that has become the guardian of the Macronie. And then we’ll come back to Reconquête’s program for the European elections, unveiled on Monday.” (

“European Parliament elections: a costly farce” (

Macron loses the election. With the European Parliament elections just a month away, the opposition is doubling its popularity against the French president’s coalition.” (

Ursula loses, Bardella wins. The French opposition is too popular to reach an agreement with the European Commission.” (

“Marion Le Pen: “I advocate intelligent traditionalism against hostile elites.”” (

When Valérie Hayer is photographed with the “fascists” she hates… Laughs!” ( (

A mafia has taken control of France – Politique & Eco n°434 with Valérie Bugault – TVL”“Emmanuel Macron or the President of Armageddon” (

“Zapping: Macronist Valérie Hayer makes a fool of herself during her debate with Jordan Bardella” (

The collection of quotes from biased papers (that support the Kremlin’s views) may go on for a long time. However, we believe that these extracts, mutual quotes, and reciprocal links between the websites in the infographic are sufficient to understand their ‘editorial policy’. The final conclusion about the bias or credibility of news outlets is up to the readers.

In 2024, Viginum, a French state agency tasked with monitoring and protecting France against foreign digital media, has had to deal with an incredible series of attacks and fake news propagated by Moscow and its influence outlets, local media revealed.

Recently, France has called on EU for new sanctions on Russia for its disinformation campaign. Media reported that France is requesting that the EU implement new measures to target Russian disinformation and electoral meddling globally, citing a draft proposal from Paris. This indicates that EU governments are aware of the threat posed by Russian disinformation operations and are trying to counter it.

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