Anti-EU party Confederation rises to top three most popular in Poland

The anti-EU and anti-Ukrainian Confederation Party, whose members initiated the carrier protests on the border with Ukraine, ranks third in Poland’s electoral sympathies. The results of a CBOS poll confirm this, as reported by Onet.

According to the survey, the ruling Civic Coalition enjoys the highest level of support: 29% of respondents said they would vote for it. The level of support for the party has not changed since January.

In second place is the Law and Justice party with 24%, which, after a minimal drop, has returned to the level of support of the first half of February. Compared to the first half of January, PiS lost 5 percentage points.

The Confederation came in third with 13% of support (an increase of 2 percentage points compared to the beginning of March).

9% of respondents would now support the Third Way, a member of the government coalition, a decrease of 3 percentage points. For the Left, 8% of respondents would vote.

Rafa Mekler, the head of the Confederation party’s Lublin branch, was one of the leaders of the carriers’ protest on the Ukrainian border.

“Confederation is an anti-European and anti-Ukrainian political force. Grzegorz Braun, one of its key representatives, has previously called for “stopping the banderaization of Poland” and stated that “Germans and Jews will not teach us history.”

Note that the Confederation finished fifth in the previous elections last autumn with 7.16% of the vote.

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