At the UN, Biden explains why concessions to Russia over its war in Ukraine are unacceptable

In his speech at the UN General Assembly, US President Joe Biden called Russia’s concessions contrary to international law unacceptable to end the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine as soon as possible, stressing that this would undermine the international legal order.

Joe Biden stressed that fundamental principles such as sovereignty, territorial integrity and human rights must remain inviolable.

The US President reminded us that Russia has been waging a full-scale war of aggression against Ukraine for two years.

“Like all countries, the United States wants this war to end. And no one wants this war to end more than Ukraine… Only Russia is responsible for this war. Only Russia can end it immediately, and only Russia is blocking the path to peace. Because the price that Russia wants for this peace is the surrender of Ukraine, Ukrainian territories and Ukrainian children,” the US President stressed.

“If we abandon the fundamental principles of the UN Charter to appease an aggressor, can any member state be sure that they are safe? If we allow Ukraine to be torn apart, can we discuss the security of any country’s independence? The answer is no. We have to resist this direct aggression now to deter possible future aggressors,” Biden explained.

The audience responded to these words with prolonged applause.

A meeting of the Ukraine Defence Contact Group is taking place in Germany simultaneously with the US Assembly General. At the meeting, the Pentagon chief called on the allies to provide Ukraine with as much air defence equipment as possible before winter.

However, he did not comment on his stance toward Ukraine’s long-range ATACMS missile request.

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