Australian company to supply 160 SLINGER counter-UAV systems to Ukraine

The Australian company Electro Optical Systems will supply 160 SLINGER counter-UAV combat modules to Ukraine. The company announced this on its website.

The system is a station with a stabilized Hughes M230LF 30x113mm gun. This gun’s fire rate using a thermal imager and night vision devices is 100 or 200 rounds per minute. This system provides effective fire on ground and air targets, such as drones and helicopters.

The Ukrainian government ordered 110 of these systems for installation on armoured personnel carriers М113, and a private company requested another 50. The company plans to install these modules on its armoured vehicles. The total amount of the order is approximately $170 million.

SLINGER is Australia’s counter-UAV system. The company-developer claims that the product is designed to confront aerial threats based on the experience gained in the war in Ukraine countering the Russian invasion.

The system includes:

  • Radar.
  • A 30mm gun with specially designed ammunition.
  • Patented stabilization and guidance technology.

The stabilizer helps to fire effectively even in motion. SLINGER can use programmable high-explosive ammunition with RF approximation, allowing the system to hit drones the size of a Mavic quadcopter.

A compact optical-electronic system and 4D radar provide target detection and tracking. Optical sensors (thermal, night, and television channels) can provide target detection at distances up to 13.7 kilometres.

Depending on the channel and its type, the target can be identified at distances up to 4.7 kilometres.

The system weighs up to 400 kilograms, which makes it suitable for installation on wheeled and tracked platforms, including tactical vehicles like HMMWV and Ukrainian Kozak.

The SLINGER counter-UAV systems will help Ukraine to repel Russian war drone attacks.

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