Biden and Zelensky sign 10-year US-Ukraine security agreement

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and U.S. President Joe Biden have signed a 10-year security agreement between the United States and Ukraine during a summit in Italy, as reported by The Washington Post.

The agreement aims to provide long-term support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including the transfer of advanced military technologies.

However, the agreement is not a formal treaty and will not be ratified by the U.S. Congress, which means that any future president could potentially withdraw from it. Despite this possibility, officials remain hopeful that the agreement will garner bipartisan support and sustain U.S. commitments to Ukraine, regardless of future political changes.

The security pact is designed to ensure consistent and comprehensive assistance to Ukraine as the country is repelling ongoing Russia’s war aggression. By securing this agreement, both nations aim to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities and reinforce their strategic partnership.

The Ukrainian President made a warning about Russian war aggression, saying that “if Ukraine does not withstand, the democracy of many countries, I am sure, won’t withstand either.”

The US and European nations also agreed to keep sanctioned Russian assets locked up until Moscow pays reparations for its all-out war against Ukraine, clearing the way for a $50 billion loan package for Ukraine.

Combined with the new sanctions on Moscow announced earlier in the week, Joe Biden said the series of actions to support Ukraine show Putin that “he cannot wait us out. He cannot divide us.”

The Ukrainian President’s Office has released the full text of the 10-year bilateral security agreement between Ukraine and the United States to strengthen Kyiv’s defense capabilities, which was signed on June 13 in Italy at the G7 summit.

The security agreement contains 9 articles and an appendix. It provides for principles of cooperation; cooperation in defense and security; cooperation in economic recovery and reforms. The agreement also outlines cooperation in economic recovery and reforms.

Regarding “just peace” for Ukraine, the agreement states: “The Parties recognize that Ukraine will not be secure until its sovereignty and territorial integrity are fully restored through a just peace that respects Ukraine’s rights under international law, including the UN Charter.

Therefore, the parties will cooperate to achieve a just and lasting peace that enjoys broad global support. The United States welcomes Ukraine’s continued efforts, including through the Ukrainian Peace Formula, to engage the international community in establishing the principles of a just and sustainable peace.”

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